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Research paper on childhood obesity and fast food

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Research paper on childhood obesity and fast food

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bsc resume Birth: 9 October 1954. Position: Professor Emeritus of Biology. Paper On Childhood Obesity And Fast Food. Address: Division of Science and my essays Mathematics, Birmingham-Southern College , 900 Arkadelphia Road, Birmingham, Alabama 35254. National Institutes of research paper obesity Health Academic Research Enhancement Award. #8220;Acetylcholinesterase: A Comparative Biochemical Approach.#8221; $201,000. Award No. 1 R15 GM072510-01. (April 2005-March 2009). $24,000). (July 1990-June 1991). Biology Councilor, Council on i sell online, Undergraduate Research (1989-1992), member (1988-present), editor of on childhood Research in Biology at Primarily Undergraduate Institutions, 3rd edition (1993-1995), institutional liaison (1994-1998; 2001-2005).

Chair, General Education Committee (1997-1998), led the development of Expanding the writing universities, Paradigm of and fast food General Education. Faculty Advisory Committee (1992-1996, 2003-2006); Chair (1993-1994), led development of #8220;Recommendations to Improve Faculty Morale#8221;; Chair (2003-2004), represented faculty views in the presidential search process; Co-chair (2004-2005), led revision of the charge of the committee as defined in the Faculty Handbook and Bylaws; Co-chair (2005-2006), led development of Faculty Ecumenical Statement, and discussions on the future of the College, including transition from NCAA Division I to Division III; elected member (1992-1994, 1995-1996, 2003-2006). First. Quality Enhancement Program, Topic Selection Committee (2011-2012), member; Development Committee (2012-2013), Chair, Undergraduate Research Sub-committee. Faculty Development Committee, elected member (1989-1990). Leo Pezzementi. 2008. Science for All: The Associated Colleges of the South Story. Project Kaleidoscope., pp. 1-5. Research And Fast Food. Leo Pezzementi, Kim Johnson , Justin Cotney , Andrew Barker , and Elizabeth Manning . Essay Lessons. 2004. Amino acids involved in substrate and inhibitor specificity in cholinesterase 2 from amphioxus.

In Cholinesterases in the Second Millennium: Biomolecular and Pathological Aspects , (N.C. Inestrosa and E.O. Campos, eds.), MIFAB: Santiago, Chile, pp. 223-224. Leo Pezzementi, David Sutherland, Michael Sanders, Weily Soong, Daniel Milner, James Scott McClellan, Mathew Sapp, William Blake Coblentz, Gabriel Rulewicz, and Sarah Merritt . Paper On Childhood. 1998. Structure and function of cholinesterases from speech agnathans and cephalochordates: implications for the evolution of the cholinesterases. In Structure and Function of research paper and fast food Cholinesterases and Related Proteins , (B.P. Doctor, P. Taylor, D.M. Quinn, R.L. Rotundo, and M.K.

Gentry, eds.), Plenum Press: New York, pp. 105-110. David Sutherland, Scott McClellan, Danny Milner, Weily Soong, Neal Axon, Michael Sanders, Alison Hester, Yu-Hsing Kao, Ted Poczatek, Sheri Routt, Amir Contractor and Leo Pezzementi. 1997. Two cholinesterase activities and genes are present in amphioxus. Journal of Experimental Zoology, 277, 213-229. Leo Pezzementi, Abigail E. Dy, Lauren Nicholas S. Herrera, Avirath N. Purohit, Megan M. Usm College. Sandlin, Janelle T. West . 2012. Do the MRL proteins MIG-10, RIAM, and Lamellipodin interact with acetylcholinesterase and butrylcholinesterase? Eleventh International Meeting on Cholinesterases (Kazan, Russia): Program and Abstracts , 103. Leo Pezzementi, Nicolas Lenfant, and Arnaud Chatonnet. 2012.

Cholinesterases in Saccoglossus kowalevskii (hemicordata): cloning, in vitro expression, and research obesity molecular characterisation. Masters Limitations. Eleventh International Meeting on cholinesterases (Kazan, Russia): Program and Abstracts , 217. Leo Pezzementi and Arnaud Chatonnet. 2009. Evolution of vertebrate cholinesterases: an intermediate cholinesterase from the teleost fish, the medaka ( Oryzias latipes ). Tenth International Meeting on cholinesterases (Sibenik, Croatia): Program and Abstracts , 34. Leo Pezzementi and Arnaud Chatonnet.

2009. Evolution of cholinesterases in the animal kingdom. Obesity. Tenth International Meeting on cholinesterases (Sibenik, Croatia): Program and Abstracts , 34. Leo Pezzementi, Brian Davis, Robert Kress, Brendan Burn, Ashley Russell, Elizabeth Molony, Tia Barclay, Jeffrey Lucas, Julie Johnson, Brian Perrin, Claire Anderson , Igor Tsigelny, Eric Krejci. 2009. The effect of Ser20 T-peptide mutations on the tetramerization of first speech Ciona intestinalis AChE and its association with the proline-rich membrane anchor, PRiMA. Tenth International Meeting on cholinesterases (Sibenik): Program and Abstracts , 84-85. Adam Frederick , Igor Tsigelny, Frances Cohenour , Christopher Spiker , Eric Krejci, Arnaud Chatonnet, Stefan Bourgoin , Greg Richards , Tessa Allen , Mary Hollace Whitlock , and Leo Pezzementi. 2007. In vitro expression, kinetic, pharmacologic, molecular, and evolutionary anayses, and molecular modeling of on childhood obesity a recombinant acetylcholinesterase from the invertebrate urochordate Ciona intestinalis : assembly of asymmetric forms with ColQ. Ninth International Meeting on Cholinesterases (Suzhou, China): Program Book , 24.

Melissa Rowland , Igor Tsigelny , Matthew Wolfe, and Leo Pezzementi. 2007. Inactivation of an invertebrate acetylcholinesterase by sulfhydryl reagents and elevated temperature. Ninth International Meeting on Cholinesterases (Suzhou, China): Program Book , 87. Natalie A. Jennings, Leo Pezzementi, Micki L. Powell, A.L. Lawrence, and Stephen A. Watts. 2007. Essay Mini Lessons. Characterization of paper obesity acetylcholinesterase in the sea urchin Lytechinus variegates . Ninth International Meeting on Cholinesterases (Suzhou, China): Program Book , 94.

Raj Patel , Rachel Sander , Lance Brown , Stephanie Baker , Igor Tsigelny, and Leo Pezzementi. 2007. A tryptophan in the bottleneck of the catalytic gorge of an invertebrate acetylcholinesterase confers resistance to carbamates and organophosphate inhibitors. Ninth International Meeting on Cholinesterases (Suzhou, China): Program Book , 114. Leo Pezzementi, Kim Johnson , Justin Cotney , Andrew Barker , and Elizabeth Manning . 2004.

Amino acids involved in substrate and inhibitor specificity in cholinesterase 2 from amphioxus. In Cholinesterases in the Second Millennium: Biomolecular and Pathological Aspects , (N.C. Inestrosa and E.O. Campos, eds.), MIFAB: Santiago, Chile, p.370. Leo Pezzementi and Larry Fish. 2001. A collaborative recombinant DNA course with laboratory. The Journal of the Alabama Academy of Science , 72, 125.

Leo Pezzementi, David Sutherland, Michael Sanders, Weily Soong, Daniel Milner, James Scott McClellan, Mathew Sapp, William Blake Coblentz, Gabriel Rulewicz, and creative writing Sarah Merritt . 1998. Structure and function of cholinesterases from agnathans and research paper on childhood obesity and fast food cephalochordates: implications for the evolution of the cholinesterases. The Sixth International Meeting on Cholinesterases (La Jolla, CA): Program and Abstracts , 5. Leo Pezzementi, David Sutherland, Michael Sanders, Weily Soong, Daniel Milner, James Scott McClellan, Mathew Sapp, William Blake Coblentz, Gabriel Rulewicz, and Sarah Merritt . 1998. Pharmacological and molecular analysis of cholinesterases from usm college essay agnathans and research paper food cephalochordates: implications for the evolution of resistance to cholinesterase inhibitors. Sixth International Meeting on Cholinesterases (La Jolla, CA): Program and Abstracts , 17. James Scott McClellan, William Blake Coblentz, Mathew Sapp, Gabriel Rulewicz, David Isaac Gaines, Ashley Hawkins, Caroline Ozment, Amy Bearden, Sarah Merritt, John Cunningham, Elizabeth Palmer, Amir Contractor, and Leo Pezzementi. 1998. cDNA cloning, in universities in california vitro expression, and obesity and fast food biochemical characterization of cholinesterase 1 and cholinesterase 2 from amphioxus: comparison with cholinesterase 1 and cholinesterase 2 produced in personal vivo. Sixth International Meeting on Cholinesterases (La Jolla, CA): Program and Abstracts , A5. Leo Pezzementi, Rick Jotani, Bonnie Mathews, Danny Milner, and research paper obesity Weily Soong . 1995 Is butyrylcholinesterase present in how do i sell online primitive chordates? Soc. Neurosci.

Abstr . 20, 839.4. Leo Pezzementi, Michael Sanders, Michael Miller, Kristin Glaese, and Lee Ann Shannon . Food. 1994. Identification of globular and asymmetric forms of an intermediate cholinesterase in amphioxus: implications for creative writing the evolution of the cholinesterases in the vertebrates. Soc. Neurosci. Abstr . 20, 409.10. Leo Pezzementi, Weily Soong, David Sutherland, Michael Sanders and Harry Giles . 1993. Evolutionary origins of cholinesterase duality in the vertebrates.

Soc. Neurosci. On Childhood Food. Abstr . 19, 378.12. Leo Pezzementi, Weily Soong, David Sutherland, Michael Sanders and usm college Harry Giles . 1993. Molecular probing of the obesity food, evolutionary origins of cholinesterase duality (Abstr.). J. Neurochem. 61 (Suppl.), S146D. Leo Pezzementi, Michael Sanders, Todd Jenkins , Jean-Pierre Toutant and Ronald J. Essay Mini. Bradley. 1990. Structure and Function of cholinesterase from amphioxus. Third International Meeting on Cholinesterases (La Grande Motte, France) , p.5.

Leo Pezzementi. 1989. Evolutionary and paper on childhood obesity and fast developmental implications of the structure of acetylcholinesterase from the lamprey Petromyzon marinus. J. Alabama Acad. Sci. 60, 125. Leo Pezzementi, Hugh Nickson, Robert Dunn and usm college Ronald J. Bradley. 1987.

Molecular forms of research paper on childhood obesity acetylcholinesterase from adult lamprey brain and ammocoete skeletal muscle. Soc. Neurosci. Abstr. 13, 286.10. Leo Pezzementi, Ellen Reinheimer and Maureen Pezzementi. 1985. Acetylcholinesterase from lamprey skeletal muscle is found in globular and how do i sell asymmetric forms.

Soc. Neurosci. Abstr. 11, 12.17. Paper Obesity And Fast Food. Leo Pezzementi. 1984. Acetylcholinesterase from the skeletal muscle of the lamprey. 1984. Soc. Neurosci. Abstr. 10, 140.7.

Mark Schneider, Bih-Hwa Shieh, Leo Pezzementi and Jakob Schmidt. Of My First. 1983. The effect of trifluoperazine on AChR synthesis in cultured chick myotubes. Soc. Neurosci. Paper On Childhood. Abstr. 9, 18.1. Bih-Hwa Shieh, Leo Pezzementi and of my first Jakob Schmidt. Research Paper Obesity. 1982.

Membrane potential and the regulation of AChR synthesis in embryonic chick skeletal muscle cells. Soc. Neurosci. Abstr . 8, 205.9. Leo Pezzementi and Jakob Schmidt. 1981. Acetylcholine receptor synthesis of chick skeletal muscle cell cultures is essay altered by ryanodine.

Soc. Neurosci. Abstr. 7, 259.4.

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Links to Old West Forts and Towns. His summers are spent in campaigning; his winters in getting his horse in condition for the next campaign. He has scarcely a mounted drill for in summer he must save his horse for active work, and in winter his horse is unfit for it. He is building posts, stables, cantonments, driving a team or cutting firewood. He is a 'hewer of paper obesity, wood and a drawer of water.' That he can still contend with the Indian on anything like equal terms is his hightest commendation, for the Indian is his superior in every soldierlike quality, except subordination to of my speech, discipline and indomitable courage. --Colonel Richard I. Dodge, writing in 1882 of the western cavalryman. In Alphabetical Order. Check also: Forts in Texas Old West Forts and research paper and fast Towns in Texas, and Landmarks Sites Along the Trails West. Fort Adams, Newport RI Not an Old West Fort, but located on the eastern seaboard, and originally designed to be the mainstay of a series of batteries protecting the entrance to essays of my speech, Narragansett Bay. Fort Adams' formidable defenses protected it from attack by sea and land almost continuously from 1798. Fort Adams is the only fort outside of paper obesity and fast food, Europe using the tenaille, a land defense feature.

This site has a vocabulary of creative writing, Fort Terminology. Read the story of one young boy's adventures at the fort, and his efforts now to save this fort from research further deterioration. The Alamo: An Illustrated Chronology (See photo to the right) Fortress Alcatraz Built to withstand Confederate and essay mini lessons British raiders, the island had been sculpted into the largest fort west of the Mississippi, and the key link in America's takeover of the West Coast. Research On Childhood And Fast Food! From the Gold Rush to usm college essay, the Great Depression, the Army ruled The Rock. Fort Alcatraz The History of Alcatraz, before and during the prison period. Paper On Childhood! Alcatraz is usually defined as meaning pelican or strange bird. Fort Apache, Arizona This army post was established in 1870 near the present town of usm college, Whiteriver to food, assist the White Mountain Apache Tribe to peacefully protect their lands. Fort Arbuckle, OK A remote outpost in the middle of Indian Territory, this fort was established on April 19, 1851, but was in operation for less than 20 years.

Near the end of that two-decade period, Fort Arbuckle helped launch the legendary Chisholm Trail. Fort Atkinson, Kansas: On the Santa Fe Trail Fort Atkinson was the essay, first regular army post on the Santa Fe Trail in the heart of Indian Country. At the time of and fast food, its beginning there were forts at both ends of the trail, Fort Leavenworth (1827) on uva mfa creative writing, the Missouri River and Fort Marcy (1846) at Santa Fe New Mexico. In July 1850 it was a temporary camp, and on August 8, 1850 it was a permanent Fort. Fort Atkinson, Nebraska Established as the first U.S. military post west of the Missouri River by paper on childhood, the Yellowstone Expedition of 1819 Fort Atkinson, Iowa Fort Atkinson was built to uva mfa creative, keep the research food, Winnebago Indians on Neutral Ground after their removal from Wisconsin in 1840, and to provide protection for them from the Sioux, Sauk, Fox and from white intruders on Indian land. Fort Bascom, NM Located 9 miles north/west of Tucumcari, New Mexico from 1863 to 1874. (Photo to my essays online, right) Fort Bayard, NM Fort Bayard played an paper on childhood and fast integral role in protecting settlers and miners in the Los Pinos and Silver City mining districts. Fort Bayard was home to hundreds of black soldiers, who fought Apaches with distinction and who participated in the chase for Geronimo. Fort Bayard, NM At its peak, Fort Bayard housed about 500 military and civilian personnel. Fort Belknap, Texas Fort Belknap, in essays of my first speech, Young County, Texas near present Newcastle, was a outpost of the United States Army for nearly a decade preceding 1860, and paper obesity and fast was reoccupied by Federal troops in the Spring of masters limitations, 1867. The commanding officer, Colonel Samuel D. Sturgis of the Sixth Cavalry, recommended to his superiors and urged that the research and fast food, post be abandoned and the troops be relocated at another point on the frontier with a better water supply.

This site has the letters pertaining to the confusion on the frontier and the change in the sites. Fort Belknap, Texas: On the Butterfield Stage Route Fort Belknap played an important part in defending the frontier. Essay! Seven original buildings are restored; two are small museums, and research paper on childhood and fast food a third houses the county archives. Fort Belknap This historic fort was established on June 24, 1851 as one of a number of essay, forts connecting the Red River and the Rio Grand for the protection of settlers moving west. Paper On Childhood! Fort Belknap, TX On June 14, 1851, Camp Belknap was founded. Within two years, as Headquarters of the Fifth Infantry, Fort Belknap was the busy hub of what would become Young County.

Bent's Old Fort, Colorado: Located along the Santa Fe Trail, it was built in 1833 Bent's Old Fort This National Historic Site is an authentically reconstructed trading post based on drawings, written journals and archaeological excavations. The original post was constructed in the early 1830's and quickly became a major trading site for Plains Indian tribes and how do trappers. Bent's Old Fort: The NPS Site William and Charles Bent, along with Ceran St. Vrain, built the original fort on this site in 1833 to trade with plains Indians and trappers. Fort Benton, Missouri From Fort Benton, Missouri: The Overlooked Civil War Fort Located at Patterson , Missouri. Research Paper! Its Part in how do i sell online, the not so Civil, Civil War. Fort Benton, A National Historic Landmark Fur traders, gold seekers, and homesteaders came via steamboats to Fort Benton, the Head of Navigation on the Missouri River. Fort Benton, Montana Established along the Missouri River--The Birthplace of research paper and fast food, Montana Fort Benton, the birthplace of Montana Big Laramie, Wyoming: The privy on the prairie Fort Blair, Tx Just an historical marker remains of this family fort, established in 1857 by C. Of My First! C. Blair, to defend themselves and their belongings from the frequent Indian raids.

The settlement consisted of twelve log cabins. Fort Bodie An original ghost town from the 1870's and 1880's in California. Now a State Historic Park. Paper On Childhood And Fast Food! Old Fort Boise from Tom Laidlaw's pages. Interactive maps, directions, etc. Fort Boise In 1834 Fort Boise, owned by the Hudson Bay Company, was established by British fur traders. How Do I Sell Online! The history of Bonner Springs Kansas, believed to be the namesake of the Bonner Springs Overland Trail swing station north of research paper on childhood obesity, LaPorte, Colorado, a home station on the Overland Trail A new site called Boot Hill in uva mfa writing, the famous Tombstone, Arizona Fort Bowie The National Park's guide to this fort established in Arizona as the headquarters of military operations against the Chiricahua Apaches for obesity food, control of the region. Fort Bowie: A NPS map of the uva mfa creative writing, area Fort Bowie: Shaded Elevation Model around the Fort Fort Bowie A panoramic view of the the old fort Fort Bowie National Historic Site The remains of Fort Bowie today are carefully preserved by the NPS. The adobe walls of on childhood and fast, various post buildings and how do the ruins of a Butterfield Stage Station are also here. Fort Bridger: Where the Overland Trail joins the Oregon Trail Fort Bridger,Wyoming Established as a trading post in 1843 in Western Wyoming by Jim Bridger, it became one of the research paper and fast food, main hubs of westward expansion Fort Buenaventura, Utah The site symbolizes a period of essays speech, western history that was the transition from research on childhood obesity food nomadic ways of the Indian tribes and trappers to the first permanent white settlers in the Great Basin.

Fort Buford, ND Fort Buford was built in how do i sell, 1866 on the north bank of the Missouri River. On Childhood Obesity Food! It is named for General John Buford of Gettysburg fame. The post was under a virtual state of siege during the Bozeman Trail War. Fort Buford, ND From the i sell my essays, PBS site Fort Buford This post was designated Fort Buford in honor of Union Cavalry General John Buford of Gettysburg fame. Research Obesity Food! Forts Union and Buford would co-exist for essays first, roughly a year. By August of 1867, the fur post of Fort Union was purchased by the U.S. Army and was torn down for it's materials, which would aid in the continuing contruction of Fort Buford. Fort Canby, WA Construction of Fort Canby began in July 1863. A visitor center at Fort Canby commemorates Lewis and Clark reaching their principle objective, the Pacific Ocean.

Fort Casey, Washington Fort Casey was one of several coast artillery posts established during the late 1890's for research on childhood and fast, the defence of Puget Sound. Fort Caspar, Wyoming The first permanent occupation at the Fort Caspar site was in 1859, when Louis Guinard built a bridge and a trading post. Guinard's post was also an overnight stage stop, Pony Express mail stop,and a telegraph office. Fort Cass, MT One of the earliest settlements in MT. A reference to Fort Cass, also known as Tullock's Fort built in 1832 by the American Fur Company, is on this site. Fort Cass In Hysham County, MT Fort Cavagnial In Old French Kansas City: Was in masters dissertation, operation from obesity and fast 1744-1764.

Fort Chadbourne Established in late autumn of 1852 in Coke County, Texas. Comanches visited the fort occasionally, even the kidnapped Cynthia Ann Parker disguising her Anglo features, the mother of the famous war chief, Quanah Parker. Fort Childs, Nebraska In 1846, Congress mandated the construction of forts along the route to Oregon, including along the Platte River, which lead to personal mini lessons, the construction of obesity and fast food, Fort Childs, later re-named Fort Kearney. Fort Churchill, Nevada Fort Churchill was once a U.S. Army fort built in 1861 to provide protection for early settlers.

It was abandoned ten years later, and today the writing, ruins are preserved in a state of arrested decay. Research On Childhood And Fast! Fort Clark, Texas Historic Home of The Seminole-Negro Indian Scouts Fort Clark Located at the headwaters of usm college essay, Las Moras Creek in Texas, the spring, named The Mulberries by Spanish explorers was a site long favored as camp grounds for Comanche, Mescalero, Lipan, and paper obesity food other Indians. Fort Clatsop National Memorial This site celebrates the 1805-06 winter encampment of the 33-member Lewis and Clark Expedition. Essays First! Fort Collins, CO The primary purpose of the establishment of Fort Collins along the Cache la Poudre River in the early 1860's was to protect the Overland Trail. Fort Colombia State Park, WA This Fort, along with Fort Canby and Fort Stevens on the Oregon side, constituted the harbor defense of the Columbia River from 1896 until 1947 when Fort Columbia was declared surplus by the U.S. Government.

Fort Colville Established in 1825, this fort located along the Colombia River continued to operate after the Oregon Territory was ceded to the US in 1846. Its main activity was supplying settlers, and miners coming into the Colville area. Fort Concho National Historic Landmark, Texas An Army Frontier Post from paper and fast 1867 to 1889 Fort Concho National Landmark Fort Concho was founded in 1867 at the junction of the North and Middle Concho Rivers to protect frontier settlements and transportation routes. Fort Connah Located in the Flathead or Mission Valley of Western Montana. It was a Hudson Bay Company Trading Post between 1846-1871. Fort Coon, Edwards County Kansas . Essay Mini! . .there was a small sod fort located there, garrisoned with a sergeant and ten men. These few men could hold this place against twenty times their number as it was all earth and sod, with a heavy clay roof, and port-holes all around, and they could kill off the Indians about as fast as they would come up as long as their ammunition held out. September, 1869, Cove Fort Cove Fort was to research paper on childhood obesity and fast food, be a way-station for Mormons, miners, Indian or Spanish traders, mail carriers, and others traveling along the how do i sell my essays, Mormon Corridor - settlements stretching from Idaho to California. Fort Craig, New Mexico Fort Craig, New Mexico, one of the largest forts in the West, played a crucial role in research paper and fast food, both Indian campaigns and the Civil War.

Its primary function was to control Indian raiding and to protect the central portion of the Camino Real, a trail which stretched from northern Mexico to Taos, New Mexico. Fort Crockett, Texas Fort Crockett was located along the seawall of Galveston Island. Fortifications were initially constructed at the turn of the century as part of the Endicott fortification plan. Creative Writing In California! Fort Croghan One of the early posts established in Texas to secure the expanding frontier line against Indian raids, Fort Croghan was founded in mid March of paper food, 1849 just to the southeast of of my speech, San Saba County on and fast food, Post Mountain near Hamilton's Creek. Fort Cummings, New Mexico The 'doby' buildings were low structures with flat roofs, built against universities in california, the inner walls of the research paper obesity food, fort. There were no outside windows even in the hospital. Personal Essay! All the paper on childhood, windows looked upon the parade ground. Dissertation Limitations! The floors were of dirt. In some rooms army blankets were fastened down with wooden pegs for carpets. In one corner of each room was a large open fireplace.

The legs of the bedsteads were in good-sized tins containing water to prevent large red ants from crawling upon research paper obesity food the beds. Written Dr. William Thornton Parker who was stationed at Fort Cummings in 1867 and 1868 Fort Dakota, Dakota Territory Fort Dakota was a typical outpost of the frontier period. As with most temporary posts of the masters dissertation limitations, time, it looked more like a village than a fort since the chances of a frontal attack were remote. Fort Davis National Historic Site Protected travelers, mail coaches, freighters, and settlers along the San Antonio - El Paso Road Fort Davis Established as a military post in 1854 in Texas, it was named after the then Secretary of War Jefferson Davis. Fort Davis, TX A key post in West Texas, soldiers from paper obesity and fast Fort Davis assisted in opening the area to settlement and protected travelers and merchants along the San Antonio-El Paso Road from of my first speech 1854 to on childhood and fast, 1891.

Deadwood, South Dakota: The toughest town in the Dakotas, where Wild Bill Hickok played his last hand Fort Defiance, AZ Established in the early 1800's as Arizona's first military post for the U.S. Army to patrol the entire Navajo Country Fort Defiance, AZ [Tshootsoo] A map of the area Fort Defiance, IA Fort Defiance State Park is named for the fort that once stood in the nearby community of Estherville. In the mid-19th century there was considerable concern among the creative universities in california, settlers about the research on childhood obesity and fast, possibility of attacks by hostiles. Fort Defiance, IA Fort Defiance was established in Estherville in November 1862. Of My First Speech! By spring the research paper on childhood obesity and fast food, following year a stockade 126 feet square had been completed. Fort Defiance was one of the last forts on the frontier incorporating a passive defense. Most forts constructed subsequent to the 1860's were without walls, with the idea that troops without such protection would be more alert, and more inclined to uva mfa creative, assume active operations against an enemy. They would also be less prone to a siege. Fort Des Moines In 1834, it was recommended to establish a military post to protect the rights of the Sac Indians at the fork of the Raccoon and Des Moines rivers. The following year, Col. Stephen Kearney explored the area, and John C. Fremont was sent by the War Department in research obesity and fast, July 1841 to survey the river.

The military garrison was then established. In 1857, the word Fort was dropped and Des Moines was named the masters limitations, capital of Iowa. Fort Dodge, Kansas: On the Santa Fe Trail The origin of Fort Dodge, now the and fast, Kansas Soldiers Home on Highway 400, just east of Dodge City, Kansas dates back to 1847, when Fort Mann was established at the Cimarron Crossing on the Santa Fe Trail a few miles west of the present Fort Dodge. Fort Dodge, Kansas Fort Dodge, named for Maj. Gen.

Grenville M. Dodge was established in 1865. It was a supply depot and base of operations against warring Plains Tribes. Custer, Sheridan, Miles, Hancock, Wild Bill Hickok, and Buffalo Bill Cody are figures in its history. The site was an essays of my speech old camping ground for wagon trains near the western junction of the Dry and Wet routes of the Santa Fe trail. The first buildings were of sod and research on childhood obesity adobe although some of the troops lived in dugouts. Fort Douglas Camp Douglas, Utah (Fort Douglas) was established on 26 October 1862; it was named after the late Senator Stephen A. Douglas of Illinois. It was established both to protect the overland mail route and to keep an eye on the Mormons.

Fort Duchesne ( Utah) was established by Major Frederick William Benteen on 20 August 1886. The fort continued to serve, with an average detachment of 250 men, until its closure in September 1912. Remnants of the fort still exist. Fort Ellsworth, Kansas: On the Santa Fe Trail In June 1864, Fort Ellsworth, Kansas was established at the site of the Page Ranche. The fort was one of several that served to protect the area of Central Kansas and the Santa Fe Trail. This site served as a home station on the Butterfield Overland Dispatch stage route, offering food for the travelers and fresh stock for the stage. At this point the route followed the north side of the Smoky Hill River. Fort Fetterman State Historic Site, WY The fort was established as a military post on July 19, 1867, because of conditions that existed on the Northern Plains at the close of the Civil War. Uva Mfa Creative! Fort Filmore, NM In Sept. of 1851, the U.S.

Government established Ft. Fillmore near Mesilla to insure the security of research paper on childhood, settlers and travelers to the area. How Do! Ft. Research Paper Obesity! Fillmore was abandoned and officially closed by the Union in Oct. of 1862. Today there is no sign of it--no ruins, no remnants of primitive adobe buildings, no historical marker--only a No Trespassing sign. Personal Essay Mini! Fort Flagler State Park Fort Flager, along with the heavy batteries of Fort Worden and Fort Casey, guarded the entrance to Puget Sound. These posts, established in the late 1890s, became the on childhood, first line of a fortification system designed to prevent a hostile fleet from reaching such targets as the masters limitations, Bremerton Naval Yard and on childhood obesity the cities of masters dissertation, Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia and Everett.

Fort Fletcher, Kansas: On the Santa Fe Trail To protect the stage and express lines and the pioneer settlers the United States government ordered the establishment of several military posts along the trails leading to the west. One of these fort was in the vicinity of Big Creek and the Smoky Hill river. This fort was named Fort Fletcher, the paper on childhood and fast, site of which was about how do i sell online fourteen miles southeast of Hays, Kansas. Fort Fred Steele, WY Established June 20, 1868 and occupied until August 7, 1886 by soldiers who were sent by the U.S. Government to guard the research on childhood and fast, railroad against essay mini lessons, attack from Indians.

Fort Garland Colorado was built in research paper obesity food, 1858 to protect the how do, settlers of the area. Kit Carson was in paper and fast food, residence from 1866 to 1867. Fort Gibson, OK History of Fort Gibson, 1824-1890 Fort Gibson was made the headquarters of the Seventh Infantry in 1831. Fort Gibson, OK A military post from writing 1824-1845, the original structures at the restored fort date from 1845-1890. Research Paper Obesity And Fast! Fort Gibson, Indian Territory On September 16, 1864 the scene of a battle between the Confederates and the Union soldiers. Lessons! A good history of obesity, Fort Gibson, OK written in January, 1899. Goodnight, Texas Goodnight is at the edge of the Llano Estacado on U.S. Highway 287 in writing universities in california, northeastern Armstrong County, Texas. Research Paper On Childhood Obesity And Fast! It was named for Charles Goodnight, of the Goodnight-Loving Trail, who settled on a ranch near the site. Fort Grant Troops from masters limitations Fort Grant Arizona participated in research obesity and fast, the military campaign against Geronimo which ended with Geronimo's surrender in usm college essay, August of 1886. Fort Griffin, TX Established as part of a new line of research on childhood obesity and fast food, defense in masters, 1867, in response to outcries from settlers for more frontier protection during the federal reoccupation of Texas after the Civil War.

Fort Griffin, Texas Fort Griffin once held command of the southern plains, saw the end of research and fast food, both the personal lessons, great herds of research paper and fast food, buffalo and those who hunted them, and was home to a rugged group of men. Essay! The fort was constructed in 1867 and deactivated in 1881. Research Paper On Childhood Obesity Food! The Fort Hall Replica An excellent site! Lots of information and links to other sites. The Fort Hall Accounts are transcribed from the surviving records of the Columbia River Fishing and Trading Company's operations at Fort Hall and cover the period from the establishment of the fort on July 31, 1834 to its sale to the Hudson's Bay company in August 1837. Fort Hall became a supply point for emigrants traveling the Oregon Trail Fort Halleck, Wyoming: On the Overland Trail The Naming of Whiskey Gap Fort Halleck, Nevada Established as Camp Halleck by Captain S.P. Smith July 26, 1867, to protect the California Emigrant Trail and construction work on the Central Pacific Railroad. The Camp was named for Major General Henry Wager Halleck, at that time Commander, Military Division of the Pacific. Fort Harker, Kansas: On the Santa Fe Trail In December of 1866, a site for the new post of Fort Harker had been selected approximately one mile northeast of the old Fort Ellsworth. How Do! The Fort Ellsworth post office was discontinued on December 3, 1866. It was moved to the new site and reopened as the Fort Harker post office.

Fort Harker, KS Established in 1864 as Fort Ellsworth, this fort provided protection to the Kansas Stage Line and military wagon trains traveling the Fort Riley Road and the Smokey Hill Trail. Fort Hartsuff Located near present-day Elyria, NE, Fort Hartsuff came into research food, being in the 1870s because of confrontations between the Sioux Indians and creative writing universities in california settlers Fort Hays, Kansas The State Historic Site Fort Hoskins, Oregon The fort was built to skirt the western edge of the newly created Coast Range Indian Reservation. It was established on the Luckiamute River overlooking Kings Valley near the mouth of research on childhood obesity and fast, what is now Bonner Creek, on July 26, 1856. Fort Hoskins, named for Lieutenant Charles Hoskins who had been killed in the battle of Monterey, Mexico ten years previously, is about twenty-two miles from Corvallis by now existing roads. Fort Huachuca, Arizona Still an active Army Post at Sierra Vista, AZ near Hereford, AZ This fort was established in 1877 to offer protection to settlers and travel routes in creative writing, southeastern Arizona Julesburg, Colorado: On the Overland Trail The Wild West at on childhood, the California Crossing of the South Platte River Kansas Forts From the Kansas Heritage Server Fort Phil Kearny and the Bozeman Trail Another site about Fort Phil Kearny Fort Kearny Ft. Kearny was the first military post built to uva mfa creative writing, protect the Oregon Trail emigrants. The fort remained an important wayside throughout the emigration period.

Ft. Kearny Road Kansas Heritage Server Fort Kearny A good history Ft. Kearny State Historic Park NPS Fort Kearny State Historic Park Established in the spring of 1848 near the head of the Grand Island along the Platte River by Lieutenant Daniel P. Woodbury. Research Obesity And Fast! It was first called Fort Childs, but in 1848 the post was renamed Fort Kearny in creative writing universities in california, honor of General Stephen Watts Kearny. Ft. Kearney from the research paper and fast food, beginning Ft. Kearney Part 2 Fort Kearney The enormous growth of overland emigration to Oregon after 1842 resulted in the establishment Fort Kearney, in addition to a chain of other military posts across the West to protect travelers in their journey westward. La Porte, Colorado: On the Overland Trail Gateway to the Rockies Fort Lancaster, Tx Established in essays first speech, 1855, it was surrendered to Texans in 1861 and abandoned as a post in 1867.

A Chronological Listing of the research obesity, history of Fort Laramie, WY Fort Laramie, Wyoming Established in essays first, 1849, this was an paper on childhood obesity food important stop along the Oregon Trail Fort Laramie, Wyoming The most important re-supply station on the Oregon Trail. A National Historic Site. The history of the Laramie Plains and Laramie Wyoming Fort Larned Military Road:Conflict and Commerce on masters dissertation limitations, the Santa Fe Trail Following the establishment of research paper obesity, Fort Larned, Kansas a route was developed which followed The Dry Route of the Santa Fe Trail. Fort Larned, Kansas The Historic Site Latham: Important junction point on the Overland Trail at the mouth of the i sell my essays online, Cache La Poudre River. Along the research paper obesity and fast, Missouri River, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas was a jumping off point for the Trails West Livermore, Colorado Home of the historic Forks Cafe, built in 1874 Fort Logan Established about 9 miles south of downtown Denver, Colorado in 1887 Fort Lowell Arizona protected the uva mfa creative, people of Tucson from the Apaches, particularly those who came into the valley over Reddington Pass. The Fort was also used as a supply depot for other Army units in the general area. Fort Lupton, Colorado Along the research paper on childhood and fast, old Trapper's Trail from the South Platte to Denver Fort Mandan. ND The Lewis and usm college Clark Expedition arrived at the Mandan-Hidatsa Indian village on the Upper Missouri River on October 25, 1804. Research Paper On Childhood Obesity And Fast! They found the Mandan very hospitable and decided to remain at this wintering site until the spring thaw when they would resume their up-river journey.

Fort Mandan, ND Built in the fall of personal lessons, 1804, the fort was roughly a trapezoid, built from cottonwood trees. Fort Mann, KS Established in 1845 about 8 miles west of the present Dodge City and 25 miles below the Cimarron Crossing of the Santa Fe Trail. Fort Mann was established because the and fast food, government needed a post about equidistant from Fort Leavenworth and creative writing in california Santa Fe for the repair of wagons and replacement of animals. Fort Marcy, NM Fort Marcy in the Parraquia Santa Fe (Handcolored lithograph) Fort Mason, Tx Established early in July of paper on childhood obesity and fast food, 1851, Fort Mason eventually comprised 23 permanent buildings and served as the last official U. S. field command for Robert E. Usm College! Lee prior to the beginning of the Civil War. Research On Childhood Obesity Food! Fort McKavett Established by five companies of the Eighth Infantry in March of 1852 to protect frontier settlers and travelers on Upper El Paso Road. Essay Mini! A good history of the Fort Morgan, Colorado area Fort Morgan, Colorado Home Station on the Overland Trail Fort Phantom Hill, Abilene, TX Although Fort Phantom Hill sounds like the quintessential name for a outpost on the wild plains of obesity food, Texas in essay, the mid 1800s, the paper obesity food, fort actually never received a legal name. This fort was built in essay, late 1851, not only with no official name, but also at research paper on childhood obesity and fast food, the wrong intended location. Along the Santa Fe Trail a mountain pass just inside New Mexico from Colorado is Raton Fort Richardson, TX Established in 1866, it was near Fort Richardson in 1871 that the wagon train massacre occurred that led to Colonel Ranald Mackenzie's campaign against the Kiowas, Comanches, and Kickapoos. Fort Riley, KS In the fall of 1852, a surveying party selected the junction of the Republican and Smoky Hill Rivers as a site for a Fort Center, named because the location was believed to be near the center of the United States. It offered an advantageous location from which to organize, train and equip troops in protecting the overland trails. In 1853 it became Fort Riley Fort Robinson, NE Was established in writing, March 1874 on the White River, and for over 70 years it was the research and fast food, most important military outpost in the region.

Fort Robinson State Park Nebraska's largest and most historic state park, Fort Robinson was an active military post from 1874 to 1948. Fort D.A. Russell (now Warren AFB, WY) A good history of the Fort and of the AF Base. The Santa Clarita Historical Society in California, is dedicated to the preservation of historical buildings in the Santa Clara Valley. Essay! The Project Director for the Virginia Dale Preservation Project has ties to the Mitchell Adobe Fort St. Vrain on the Overland Trail, established by Ceran St. Vrain.

General Fremont reorganized his historic exploring expedition here in 1848. This fort was also visited by Francis Parkman and Kit Carson. Fort St. Vrain Built by Ceran St. Vrain and the Bent brothers in 1837 near present day Platteville, Colorado, St. Paper On Childhood And Fast Food! Vrain's Fort was a major trading post on the Platte River until 1845. Essay Mini! Today the fort is in research paper on childhood obesity, danger of proposed gravel mining.!

Fort Martin Scott, TX Established near Fredericksburg late in 1848 to guard the western frontier line. Fort Scott, Kansas Named after General Winfield Scott, the how do i sell, fort's primary purpose was to research, police and protect the permanent Indian Frontier. Fort Sedgwick, was located opposite the mouth of Lodgepole Creek about uva mfa creative a mile upriver from Julesburg, Colorado. Named after Major John Sedgwick, called by some a coward, by others a hero, it was established in the summer of 1864, and paper on childhood obesity and fast officially abandoned in 1871. Fort Selden State Monument The United States Govenment built Fort Selden near the town of Las Cruces in 1865 to protect settlers from creative outlaws and Apache Indians Fort Selden, NM The Friends of Fort Selden: On every second Saturday of the month, history comes alive at paper obesity food, Fort Selden, during which the Friends hold their monthly encampment. Creative! Fort Sherman (Coeur d'Alene) was established in 1878 to keep peace between the settlers and Native Americans. Fort Sidney, NE Built to give protection to engineers and railroad crews working on the transcontinental Union Pacific railroad. Fort Smith National Historic Site Administered by the National Park Service, Fort Smith National Historic Site, approximately 35 acres, contains the remains of a first Fort Smith Arkansas (1817-1824), and second Fort Smith (1838-1871) and a subsequent U.S. District Court (1872-1896).

Includes visitor center/museum. And Fast! Fort Snelling Discover an 1820s military outpost once at the edge of a small settlement but now at the center of Minnesota's Twin Cities metropolitan area. Masters Dissertation! Fort Stanton, NM Fort Stanton is an historic site located in research paper and fast, an obscure but scenic area of New Mexico, a turnoff four miles southeast of Capitan on state highway 214. First established in 1855 in what was then the Arizona Territory, it was a primitive military post. The battle for Fort Stanton Originally forts were constructed to protect the people. Now, it is the people’s turn to protect Fort Stanton. This fort is the only standing, intact fort dating back to pre-civil war days. Seventy percent of how do i sell, its original buildings are still standing.

Read about plans to paper and fast, put it on the auction block. Writing Universities In California! Fort Stockton Camp Stockton, TX was formally established in March 1859. It was named in honor of Captain Robert Field Stockton, a prominent navy officer in the Mexican War. On Childhood And Fast! Fort Sumner State Monument, NM As more and more Americans settled in the territory of dissertation, New Mexico, they met increasingly fierce resistance from the research paper on childhood food, Mescalero Apache and masters limitations Navajo peoples who fought to maintain control of their traditional lands and their nomadic way of life. Fort Sumner, NM Established in 1862, the real site of Billy the paper on childhood obesity, Kid's Grave Fort Sumner A nice history of the town and the surrounding area Fort Sumner, NM From the Eastern New Mexico Tourism Association The Dalles, Oregon An excellent account of usm college, this area which began as an Indian home thousands of research on childhood obesity and fast, years before Lewis and Clark camped here in October 1805.

The mission here gave help to thousands of starving ill and desperate emigrants of the Oregon Trail. Tie Siding, Wyoming A town that played a major role in the tie business for the building of the Union Pacific Railroad The town too tough to die: Tombstone, Arizona Tombstone: The Town still features many of the dissertation limitations, original buildings Tombstone, Arizona The Historical Page: clearing up the myths surrounding Tombstone Tombstone, Arizona The western town with more gambling houses, saloons, and a larger boothill and paper on childhood red light district than any town in the southwest. Fort Union, New Mexico Along the Santa Fe Trail, this fort was established in masters limitations, 1851. An excellent history of Fort Union, New Mexico Fort Union, NM Good photos! On the Montana--North Dakota border Fort Union Trading Post A National Historic Site Fort Vasquez This was a fur trading fort built in 1837 by Louis Vasquez and Andrew Sublette. It was subsequently destroyed by Indians around 1842, but partially restored later to be used as a stage station on the Overland Trail.

Fort Verde State Historic Park, Arizona Fort Verde was a major base for scouts, soldiers, and pack mules during the Indian Wars of the 1870's. Four original buildings remain making Fort Verde the best surviving military post in Arizona from that period. Fort Verde Historic Park From the research on childhood, State Park pages. Includes facilities available, hours of operation, weather, etc. Virginia City, Montana: A remarkably well preserved Victorian mining town Virginia Dale, Colorado Home of the masters limitations, only intact Stage Station on the Overland Trail Fort Wingate, NM Life at the Forts in paper on childhood food, New Mexico The Wyoming Territorial Prison and Old West Park, located in Laramie Wyoming. Park entry is free, as are most summer events! A History of Fort Yamhill Oregon Established on August 30, 1856 to creative writing universities in california, oversee both the security of the Indians as well as the settlers living in paper obesity food, the area. Uva Mfa! Fort Zarah, Kansas: On the research paper obesity and fast, Santa Fe Trail Fort Zarah was one of a chain of forts built on the Santa Fe Trail to creative writing in california, protect wagon trains and guard settlers. It was established in 1864 by Gen. On Childhood And Fast Food! Samuel R. Curtis and named for his son, Maj.

H. Zarah Curtis, who had been killed in the Baxter Springs Massacre Oct. 6, 1863. The fort was built of uva mfa creative writing, sandstone quarried from the bluffs about three miles to the north. These rocks were mostly of a deep purplish brown, varying to a light brown. They were usually hewn to a pretty smooth face and laid up in the rough in good solid mortar. The outer walls were about 16 inches thick, the inner walls one foot. Fort Zarah was successfully defended against an attack by 100 Kiowas on Oct. 2, 1868. It was abandoned in 1869. Fort Zarah, Kansas Fort Zarah: established in 1864 by Gen. Samuel R. Curtis and named for his son, Maj.

H. Zarah Curtis. Miscellaneous Information on Forts: Alphabetical Listing of US Forts Very comprehensive list of research and fast food, links. American Forts in creative writing in california, the Western US and Territories Wonderfully complete info all about Forts. also includes forts in the Eastern States, Canada, and a listing of Historic Warships Shipyards Historic Forts of the Old West A nice listing with information on research paper on childhood obesity and fast, various forts Historic Western Frontier Forts Links to other sites A listing of Army Forts and major points of interest lying with the limitations, Department of Dakota, including military posts and towns. Trading Posts, Stores, Mills Blacksmiths Located in Kansas Military Posts in paper, the Northern Plains States A Listing of Forts with the year of of my first, Establishment and the year that they were abandoned. Military Posts Located in paper and fast food, Kansas prior to creative in california, 1900 Forts in Kansas Forts in Texas Old West Forts and Towns in research paper and fast food, Texas Forts of the Malpais or Bad Lands Forts near White Sands New Mexico.

Fur Trading Posts of the North Pacific A listing of the Various Forts that served the U.S. Army during the Campaigns against the Indians Add your URL to this list! Send comments, suggestions or inquiries: Overland Trail.

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Essay on Homosexuality (2012) by D.J. Food. Webb. Essay on Homosexuality. Published on the Libertarian Alliance Blog. Homosexuality is in personal mini many ways an awkward subject to write about. In the research and fast, old days, such things were not mentioned in polite conversation. Even today, the continual discussion of sexual orientation can grate: surely such things are meant to universities in california be intimate and private? However, conservatives do not set the tone of on childhood obesity and fast public debate, and for usm college good or ill homosexuality has become a high-profile topic of political discussion.

First of all, it is worth pointing out on childhood obesity, that homosexuality has not been recently invented. Essays Of My First Speech. There always have been men who were attracted to research paper obesity and fast other men. While strict homosexuality is found among a very small minority of the writing universities, population, it is on childhood obesity and fast likely that the speech, numbers of men who have been attracted to some other men, or who have experimented along those lines, is much larger than the core homosexual demographic group. It is difficult to cite accurate figures, as not everyone is sure of his own sexuality, let alone confident in discussing it with researcher. Research Obesity Food. The Kinsey Report compiled in 1948, entitled “Sexual Behaviour in the Human Male”, claimed that 46% of the men interviewed reacted sexually to another male at some point in their lives (the methodology that informed the report, including the in california, selection of the pool of interviewees, has been questioned by research paper some). Yet a government survey in the UK in 2010 put the “gay” section of the population at just 1.5%. Masters. This is a long way from being the statistical norm, leading some conservatives to conclude that “abnormality” makes homosexuality a “perversion” or even an illness, but the American Psychiatric Association declassified homosexuality as a mental disorder in 1973. From a strictly psychiatric point of view, a phenomenon often combined with high intellectual ability and otherwise normal functioning in society should not be regarded as a mental disorder. Furthermore, it is fair to say that homosexuality is so widely found in human societies and across the ages that, while not being the statistical norm, it must be described as a natural phenomenon. Societies need to be reproduced, and should not be based purely around sexual urges, and so homosexuality cannot be thought of as a potential building block of society, but homosexuality is a human foible that will always exist in society. It is an interesting question whether a more open social attitude towards homosexuality will lead to its greater prevalence, as people who would otherwise repress their urges do not feel the need to do so.

The reason why some menand homosexuality seems to be much more prevalent among men than womenare attracted to other men is ultimately unclear. The “gay” movement seems to have adopted the line that it must be genetic, backed up by somewhat bizarre arguments about occasional homosexual behaviour among animals. On Childhood Obesity And Fast. But in fact no one really knows: it is as likely as not that current social policies that encourage marital breakdown lead to confused sexuality among boys, brought up without father figures. Mini. Some combination of on childhood obesity and fast reasons could also be in play, not least because some men have gone “gay” in later life, raising questions over how stable sexuality is throughout one’s life. The Christian church has long railed against homosexuality, whilst being a notable organisation in which homosexual activity has always flourished. Before the Christian church embedded itself into dissertation limitations, the culture of Western Europe, homosexual behaviour was much more widespread in ancient Rome and ancient Greece, tending to paper on childhood obesity show that genetic factors are not the key to understanding homosexuality, and that social and cultural factors are the essays, main drivers of human sexuality. I tend to believe that the genetic instinct gives us the sexual urge, without specifying in detail the kinds of human beings that are to be regarded as sexually attractive. Of course, referring to homosexuality as a cultural phenomenon fits easily into on childhood and fast food, the prevailing left-wing narrative concerning “cultural diversity”, which attempts to unpick the social and cultural norms of Western society to justify multi-culturalism, apparently with the aim of creating a society of people who no longer have cultural connections with each other, but are in the main clients of the state.

If the way things have been done for centuries in of my first speech the West has not always been the paper on childhood and fast food, way, or is not the way in creative writing universities all societies, it is argued that our culture is worthless, or its worth is research food ultimately subjective, and so the norms of society should be shunted aside in masters dissertation limitations favour of a more generous, “liberal” approach. There are many ramifications of research on childhood obesity food this, but I wish to stick to theme of homosexuality here. Greek and Roman homosexuality appear to have been connected to the warrior culture: homosexual attraction was not seen as unmanly. It would be incorrect to impose modern notions of “gay identity” on the ancient world. There was no gay identity, and it is interesting to see that the main form that homosexual relations took in ancient Greece was of relations between an older warrior and personal essay mini lessons, a adolescent of 12-17 years of age. Such relationships between people of different age groups are not really the intention of on childhood obesity and fast food modern laws decriminalising homosexuality, where adolescents under 16 years of my essays age are not seen as capable of giving consent to sexual activity (despite being almost universally engaged in it). Clearly, relationships between men and older youths in ancient Greece were not unmanly; neither did they detract in any way from masculinity. There was nothing “camp” or “queenie” about research on childhood obesity food Greek homosexuality.

But if it was possible for one society to interpret human sexuality in a radically different way from the first, present, then couldn’t one argue that all cultural norms are essentially arbitrary? There is a problem for conservatives here, in research paper on childhood obesity and fast food that England was traditionally a free country in most respects, and so we generally call for a restoration of usm college essay our traditional cultural norms, and yet it is undeniable that the Christian narrative on sexuality had a deep impact on English culture. Paper. One could argue, however, that despite the creative writing, mainstream nature of heterosexuality throughout English history, some degree of homosexuality was part of the social norm. There always has been an paper obesity and fast food undercurrent of homosexuality, and any attempt, legally, to masters create a society where all men adhered to heterosexual norms would in itself be a rejection of the realities of traditional England. Research Paper On Childhood And Fast. Quite apart from homosexual attractions in the upper echelons of society (Richard the essay, Lionheart, Edward II and James I spring to mind), there has for paper on childhood food centuries been widespread practice of how do homosexuality among public schoolboys. On Childhood. Maybe this is why Roger Scruton in his England: An Elegy spoke of the homosexual nature of English culture.

It would be a gross misunderstanding to state that homosexuality has always been accepted, but England would not have been England without its undercurrent of relationships or sexual activity between men. Given that the Christian church is widely seen, even by its supporters, to have erred in many of the details of its teachings (e.g., on the Creation), I am wondering whether an English traditionalist approach could be devised that accepted the niche role of the church, and its architecture, liturgy and music, as a valued part of our culture, while also seeing that prohibitions against usm college essay harmless private behaviour need to be downplayed, especially where state sanctions are involved. Whatever eventually emerges from research on childhood and fast food genetic search on the reasons for homosexuality and whatever the rights and how do online, wrongs of church teaching on and fast the subject, libertarians could not support the criminalisation of homosexual acts, giving the state, as it would, the right to investigate what is going on in private bedrooms and behind closed doors. Laws against “sodomy” were repealed in 1967 in the case of participants over the age of 21, with the age of consent reduced in 2001 to 16. I Sell My Essays Online. As far as I am concerned, this gives homosexualsand libertarians objecting to the criminalisation of sex between mennearly everything they want, albeit with a continuing question over the absurd classification of sexual acts with consenting 15-year-olds as “statutory rape”. Another question that libertarians could take a stance on is laws against “public indecency” in gay cruising grounds, such as Hampstead Heath in London. In George Orwell’s 1984 , Winston Smith was able to escape the eyes of Big Brother by having sex in the woods, and in any free society, unless the state proposed to research obesity place cameras on how do i sell my essays online the branches of every tree, sex in the woods is research paper obesity food simply something that is going to happen. It is not necessarily something a cultured person would engage in, but we are talking about the laws of a free country here. Sex behind bushes in known gay cruising grounds is speech not at paper on childhood and fast all the same thing as similar behaviour out in the open in a way that would offend most people.

It is interesting to note that England did not always have laws against homosexual acts. Before the 1533 Buggery Act, which criminalised anal sex, but not all homosexual acts, and specified hanging as the writing universities, punishment, cases of food “buggery”as it was charmingly knownwere handled by the ecclesiastical courts, with little evidence of any serious attempt to essays speech stamp out homosexual acts. Of course, in mediaeval times, people depended on their children in older age, and in a largely agrarian society without pensions and other modern financial instruments, homosexuality as a public lifestyle, in contradistinction to research paper obesity food furtive acts conducted by people who otherwise adhered to the general norms of family life, was unthinkable. The number of people put to death for buggery was necessarily small, as evidence would generally have been lacking. Essay. The death penalty for buggery was abolished in 1861, and an 1885 Act of Parliament extended the sanction of imprisonment to all homosexual activity between men and not just sodomy. Not all English conservatives seem to realise that homosexual acts (the broader definition thereof) were only research paper obesity food illegal for 82 years, and so there is masters limitations nothing really traditionalist about obesity regretting the demise of the 1885 Act. It is sometimes claimed that one cannot be a libertarian without supporting homosexuality. Is that really so? I don’t think one can be libertarian without opposing the in california, criminalisation of homosexuality, but that is another thing entirely. Surely libertarians should oppose attempts to criminalise homosexuality and research paper on childhood and fast, vocal opposition to homosexuality in equal measure. Essays. The right of paper and fast others to deprecate homosexuality was mentioned during the mini, Parliamentary debate on decriminalisation of homosexuality in 1967, where the Earl of Arran, a sponsor of the bill, said.

I ask those who have, as it were, been in bondage and for whom the prison doors are now open to show their thanks by comporting themselves quietly and with dignity. Paper On Childhood And Fast Food. This is no occasion for jubilation; certainly not for celebration. Any form of of my ostentatious behaviour; now or in the future any form of public flaunting, would be utterly distasteful and obesity food, would, I believe, make the sponsors of the Bill regret that they have done what they have done. Homosexuals must continue to remember that while there may be nothing bad in uva mfa creative being a homosexual, there is certainly nothing good. Lest the opponents of the Bill think that a new freedom, a new privileged class, has been created, let me remind them that no amount of legislation will prevent homosexuals from being the subject of and fast food dislike and derision, or at best of pity. We shall always, I fear, resent the usm college essay, odd man out. That is their burden for all time, and they must shoulder it like menfor men they are. [ Hansard , 21 July 1967 ] Adoption and civil partnerships. Decriminalisation did not mean that homosexuality was to be promoted in all arenas of life, much less than opposition to homosexuality was to be criminalised. Yet the research paper and fast food, gay agenda has developed along more or less extreme lines that Lord Arran indicated would have made the sponsors of the 1967 Bill regret their actions.

Not only can homosexual couplesor, worse, lone homosexual individualsadopt children today, opposition to such adoptions from the biological parents of children who have been taken into uva mfa creative, care is also ignored. Civil partnerships were a further development that seemed to chip away at social norms, and now the government is research on childhood talking about introducing “gay marriage”, as if marriage were not originally a religious concept in the first place. Much of this appears to many to masters limitations be intent on creating a minority of people privileged by the state by dint of their statistically deviant behaviour. How should libertarians view these matters? As far as the adoption of children is concerned, the forgotten subjects of on childhood and fast food state intervention are the uva mfa writing, children. There is little evidence that raising children in novel and innovative household units is good for them: I am not denying that where one parent dies, the surviving spouse often remains a good parent. But to research paper obesity food go out of our way to create family units where adopted children have a lone parent seems quixotic in terms of public policy. Essay Lessons. Given that men and women are different, and fathers and mothers bring something different to the family and the child-rearing process, I pity the child who is adopted by paper on childhood obesity order of the state by two men or two women, simply to make a political point. Many of these children will grow up with no ill effects, but it seems more sensible to give all adopted children the natural family environment of a father and a mother. There is nothing libertarian about extremist policies to the contrary. As far as civil partnerships are concerned, it is argued that taxation and speech, inheritance systems treat married couples differently from single people, and so men in long-term relationships need ways of research on childhood avoiding being treated as single people.

I think libertarians can be sympathetic to the idea that any committed peopleincluding two sisters and communes of many individualsshould be able to personal mini register as “fiscal units”, although our main approach is to eliminate personal taxation, which resolves most questions of this type. Consequently, the civil partnership arrangement should stay, although “ceremonies” organised by the state that appear to mimic marriage should end: civil partnership should be a simple application form in the post, and if the individuals concerned wish to research on childhood obesity and fast have a party, then it would be up to usm college essay them to organise it. The problem is partly the research paper on childhood obesity and fast food, state’s view of marriage. Once marriage was taken out masters dissertation limitations, of the hands of the church and made a preserve of the statewhich is what civil marriages in registry offices amount toarguably, heterosexual marriage was downgraded to paper on childhood and fast food the status now occupied by personal mini lessons civil partnerships. For marriage is not about becoming a “fiscal unit” for the purposes of state revenue collection; in research on childhood food Christian theology, a man and a woman become “one flesh”.

Although not originally related to each other, matrimony makes them one flesh, relatives of essay each other, a suitable state in which to research paper obesity and fast food approach the bearing of online children. Two men cannot become “one flesh” in this way, precisely because they cannot have children together. Similarly, marriage is a vow in the sight of God. Whatever one’s views on the existence of God or otherwise, the nature of a vow is that it cannot be revoked, whether by the church or by the state. Obesity And Fast Food. A solemn vow binds the individual for life (and I include here the writing in california, Coronation Oath and judicial and political oaths of office). To claim that the state can “divorce” a couple makes a mockery of the vow, and means the research paper on childhood food, couple were not really “one flesh” all along: civil marriage is therefore just civil partnership. The reason why I oppose “gay marriage” is that the usm college essay, state cannot make anyone “one flesh”. It is paper on childhood obesity and fast a detail of i sell Christian theology that the research obesity and fast, sacrament of matrimony does accomplish this in essay the case of a man and a woman, and this theology is backed up by the biological reality that a man and a woman do become related to each other (“one flesh”) by their joint relationship to and through their children. Even if the state hands out research obesity and fast food, certificates saying two men are “married”, they cannot be married, any more than UK passports handed out to Africans make them truly British.

I would like to abolish divorce too and creative, go for a dual-track approach: if you wish to and fast get married in church, to take solemn vows, which may or may not mean anything to any Supreme Being that may exist, then the state cannot declare those vows defunct; but if you wish merely to get married “in the eyes of the creative writing universities, state”, then a man and woman should be able to send a civil partnership application form to the government in the way I outlined above or enter a civil partnership at a registry office, in the same way that two men can. Such civil partnerships should not contain solemn vows, and could therefore be dissolved by the state. I will later in this article argue, however, that libertarians should not officially take a position against gay marriage for tactical reasons. One area where libertarians must take a clear view is the use of state power to research paper on childhood crush opposition to homosexuality, which seems many times more determined than the rare use of the my essays online, law against homosexual acts before 1967. People must be free to express their views on homosexuality.

Yet the spread of notions of political correctness appears to paper obesity and fast turn people into “tolerance machines”, people whose views have all been decided for them by the state, and who have no business other than to usm college essay repeat the views intoned in the media and the education system. On Childhood Obesity And Fast Food. For this reason, I am reluctant to say that libertarians “should” feel favourably or unfavourably disposed to homosexuality. Essays Of My Speech. People, including libertarians, who are instinctively averse to homosexuality, as I am to lesbianism, should feel no compunction about saying so, although, as stated above, support for state sanctions for paper food homosexuality is another issue entirely, well beyond any reasonable turf for any real libertarian. All laws designed to “enforce” acceptance of writing in california homosexuality should be abolished. On Childhood And Fast Food. Not only do people have to be careful at work nowadays how they express themselves on the subjectthe authorities are only lessons too eager to destroy the careers of those who step out of linelaws against freedom of and fast food association are also being used to crush dissent. In 2011, two gay men won £3,600 in damages after being turned away from a bed and breakfast guesthouse in Cornwall and a number of similar cases have come to light . Such “discrimination” is illegal, and it seems gay men have a licence to cash in where they know the owners of a BB are Christians. Anti-discrimination laws are a fundamental plank in a coercive approach to creating a multi-cultural society. Usm College. Nevertheless, particularly in the case of family-run businesses, the owners have the rightthe moral right, not the legal rightto offer their services to customers on whatever basis they choose.

It is undoubtedly more than a little petty for BB owners to lay down rules on who can sleep in double beds, but their religious or political beliefs may be strongly held, and on childhood food, it is not for anyone else to tell them they may not act upon them. In the case of large hotels or other non-family-run businesses, I think the principle still applies, that the owners of the business have the creative writing in california, right to specify who they will serve. But in the case of large companies, it should be the shareholders, at an annual general meeting, who decide, and not some little Hitler of a manager who doesn’t even own the company. I think it highly unlikely the shareholders of any company would demand discriminatory policies, as companies have an interest in expanding their customer bases, and so the research and fast food, issue only really crops up with small family-run businesses, giving the lie to the claim that laws against discrimination are required to enable gay men and other favoured minorities to function in society. Finally, equality before the law should be re-established. Essays Of My. This means that laws labelling certain crimes as “hate crimes” and imposing stiffer penalties on them should be abolished.

This is not the same thing as supporting hate crimesI don’t support thembut surely it makes sense for the law to criminalise assault and battery of all members of paper food society to an equal degree, without distinction. An interesting question is homosexuality in the armed forces. As male-dominated organisations, the armed forces are, like the church, a historic focus of homosexual employment. Essays Of My Speech. Homosexual activity between sailors is nothing new. What should the official policy on homosexual employment in the armed forces be? Firstly, I think it important to state that, in extreme situations, such as wartime, all members of society have to be prepared to defend that society. That is what membership of society means. Maybe some libertarians would claim that conscription should not be implemented in a free society. However, by the time war breaks out, social freedoms are the last thing on the government’s mind. Warfare, especially when the nation is under attack, and not attacking other countries, is an extreme event, and many of the social niceties disappear overnight. Consequently, I am opposed to allowing conscientious objectors to absent themselves from the obesity food, armed forces while others are being conscripted.

But, by the same token, homosexuality cannot be a sufficient reason to avoid the draft either. It is absurd for any society to hold that gay man cannot fight for personal lessons the country: in wartime, there may be little choice. However, I see no reason why military discipline should not require decorum of members of the paper on childhood obesity, armed forces, and “camp” behaviour or constant ribald discussion of gay sex in army barracks in a way likely to give rise to offence, should be deemed to contravene military discipline. Army officers should be in a position to insist that public decency is maintained at all times and that the issue doesn’t become a cause for strife between soldiers. I will address ecclesiastical homosexuality in passing here. As the church, if it is to writing be a church, and on childhood and fast, not just a conveyor belt for political propaganda, has to be faithful to its teachings dating back millennia, I see no why priests should publicly proclaim their homosexuality without being defrockedif they are gay, why are they trying to subvert the church by joining it in uva mfa creative writing order to flout its commands? The preaching of homosexual rights from the research paper, pulpit should lead to the rapid defenestration of the vicar.

Nonetheless, a realistic acceptance that many priests are gay is appropriate in the context where many of the church’s teachings are no longer sustainable as historic or scientific truth. This means we shouldn’t poke around in a vicar’s private life to usm college find out if he is gay, and research paper on childhood, if it becomes known that he is gay without his seeking to flaunt himself, then a logical approach would be to ignore it. As with the armed forces, if public decorum is creative in california maintained, there is little reason to paper on childhood obesity and fast food launch witch-hunts. Interestingly, as sexuality becomes politicised, it has also become more fluid. The women of first speech England seem to be getting less feminine as the research paper on childhood obesity food, men of England become less masculine. One example of this is the metrosexual phenomenon, of which the creative universities in california, football player, David Beckham, is one example. Young “straight” men today worry about their appearance more than before, have more creams and potions in research obesity and fast food their bathroom cabinets, and even engage in what I regard as the unmanly habit of shaving their body hair. When I was a teenager, such things would have been seen as effeminate. Looking around my local gym, it is clear that many of the younger men are rather feminine, or even effeminate, in appearance. The days when heterosexuality meant raw masculinity are long gone. One could argue that a supine population that allows the state to determine their views on race, culture and sexuality is less manly that what went before.

For this reason alone, I think libertarians could lament the decline of masculinity. Would “real men” have allowed their primary-school-age children to be bombarded with propaganda on anal sex? Intriguingly, and with an eye on essay ancient Greece where homosexual relationships were not seen as diminishing one’s masculinity, this opens up the prospect of a redefinition of masculinity. If many of the “straight” lads are a good deal more effeminate than some of the gay men, then who are the real pansies? It was while I was thinking along these lines that I came across Jack Donovan’s website , where his books on “androphilia” and masculinity are listed. Apparently, Jack Donovan is an American androphilea man who likes menwho does not identify with the research paper on childhood and fast food, “gay” culture. The “gay” word is problematic for me, as it is politically loaded as an earlier attempt to “rebrand” homosexuality, and the gay culture that has been created around it seems to categorise gay men as soft, soppy, sissyish, something that homosexual acts were not associated with in masters ancient Greece. But a glance at research paper on childhood obesity and fast the gay club scene also turns up dungeons, leather and chains, and one could also question whether anal sex (not the only form of gay sex, it should be added) is really sissyish at all: arguably, it is sex at its most primeval, sex in i sell my essays online the animal sense; not really effeminate at all. Research Paper On Childhood And Fast Food. Jack Donovan explained his ideas thus : The word gay has never described mere homosexuality. Gay is a subculture, a slur, a set of gestures, a slang, a look, a posture, a parade, a rainbow flag, a film genre, a taste in music, a hairstyle, a marketing demographic, a bumper sticker, a political agenda and philosophical viewpoint. Gay is a pre-packaged, superficial personaa lifestyle.

It’s a sexual identity that has almost nothing to do with sexuality. Androphilia is a rejection of the personal essay mini, overloaded gay identity and a return to a discussion of homosexuality in terms of desire. The gay sensibility is a near-oblivious embrace of a castrating slur, the non-stop celebration of an research and fast food age-old, emasculating stigma applied to men who engaged in homosexual acts. Gays and radical queers imagine that they challenge the status quo, but in appropriating the stigma of effeminacy, they merely conform to and confirm long-established expectations. Homosexual men have been paradoxically cast as the enemies of masculinityslaves to the feminist pipe dream of a ‘gender-neutral’ (read: anti-male, pro-female) world. Androphilia is a manifesto full of truly dangerous ideas: that men can have sex with men and retain their manhood, that homosexuality can be about championing a masculine ideal rather than attacking it, and that the “oppressive construct of masculinity” despised by the gay community could actually enrich and improve the lives of homosexual and bisexual men. Androphilia is for those men who never really bought what the gay community was selling. It is a challenge to leave the gay world completely behind and to rejoin the world of men, unapologetically, as androphiles, but more importantly, as men. I don’t know how far Jack Donovan’s ideas on personal essay mini masculinity and androphilia will spread, but I think it is at on childhood least possible that the relationship between homosexuality and effeminacy (or, conversely, between heterosexuality and masculinity) is universities breaking down, and it would be interesting to see the outcome. As sexuality seems more fluidI could well believe that 46% of research on childhood obesity and fast men have felt attraction to a man at some point (the unattractiveness of the uva mfa creative writing, average British female may play a role in this)more young men may be interested in an androphile alternative than in becoming gay per se . And a resurgence of masculinity in society would be a good thing.

I haven’t yet had chance to buy Donovan’s book, so I don’t know if AIDS is mentioned therein. But I would argue that turning the gay “community” into a vehicle for AIDS propaganda and the distribution of condoms represents part of the effeminate culture of gayness. Research On Childhood Obesity Food. Real sex, whether between men and women or between two men, is personal essay mini without intervention of rubber. Another point I don’t know whether Donovan makes is that in research paper food order to essays of my first become masculine, gay men must stop sliding into a kind of gingerbread group for political correctness. Real masculinity includes applauding the expression of real views by real people. Calling on research paper on childhood and fast food the state to solve your battles is unmanly, and it would tend to paint all gay men as a group of extremists lobbying for more intervention by the technocracy. In fact, prejudice against homosexuality would appear to be largely justified in England today on political grounds, given the of my first speech, way that leading gay activists appear on our television screens calling for more laws against discrimination and for sterner punishment of dissenters. Libertarians may well feel inclined, if not to support criminalisation of homosexuality, then to see the official gay movement and its spokesmen are enemies of a free country. Research Paper Obesity. Yet, curiously, most gay men I have ever met have opposed gay marriage and the adoption of uva mfa writing children by homosexuals. Jack Donovan has also spoken out against research obesity and fast gay marriage in an interesting article on the Alternative Right website : Same-sex marriage, however good its proponents believe it might be for creative writing universities homosexuals, is essentially an attempt to subvert the cultural primacy of the reproductive family. Gays will not allow themselves to consider the fact that this spells death for civilizations, and that society has a rational interest in paper on childhood obesity promoting big, patriarchal families above all other arrangements.

The idea that somehow, without any cultural apparatus to creative writing universities in california encourage or foster it, men and women will naturally take on the burden of raising a large family at any cost is simply absurd and proven wrong by below-replacement-level birth rates in Europe. Cultures that don’t place the highest value on reproductive families die out, and research on childhood, their numbers are replaced by cultures that do. It’s happening in Europe, and masters limitations, it’s happening in the US. While alternative relationships need not be openly scorned, and they may deserve some sort of reasonable accommodation, it isn’t in the best interest of Western Civilizationor any civilizationto morally or institutionally equate reproductive and non-reproductive sexuality. Research Paper On Childhood Obesity And Fast. Reproductive sexuality is an indispensable building block of civilization; it serves society as a whole. Non-reproductive sexuality is, in the big picture, basically a “feel-good”. There is creative writing universities some truth in paper the idea that homosexuality was symptomatic of the downfall of ancient Rome. Uva Mfa Writing. There is no direct connection between the paper on childhood and fast food, two, but Romans lolling about in bath-houses engaged in sex were leading too soft a life, and unsurprisingly fell at the hands of the essays first, barbarians. Bread and circusesand sexcreated an image of debauchery that Christians have down the centuries condemned. Arguably, our societies today have fallen victim to the same effete, effeminate social trends. Welfarism, family breakdown and divorce, the obesity, compensation culture and the sexualisation of mainstream culture all form part of our social decline and I don’t see how libertarianism can accomplish any of its goals by supporting these trends.

These trends all lead to of my greater social intervention to repair the inevitable social problems thrown up. One could argue that homosexuality has degraded the wider culture, by creating the paper on childhood, goal of no-strings-attached sex. Now nightclubs are full of men and women in their 30s and 40s trying to play the field still, where once they would have been looking after their children at home. Clearly, this is an option for gay men, with no children, but for men and women with children to attempt to behave in the same libertine manner has many negative social consequences. I would respond by masters dissertation removing all government subsidies for family breakdown, including welfare for unmarried mothers. And Fast. If people have children, they must accept the responsibility that entails. However, just as Roman debauchery was only universities a problem in obesity and fast food the closing days of the Empiresex between men was hardly the direct cause of the fall of the Empire, and masters dissertation limitations, was at one point a factor in strengthening society by promoting relationships between older and younger members of the warrior classso it would be inaccurate to see homosexuality as always leading to the decline of a society. Our societies are too soft. Research. The decline of creative writing masculinity has many causes, but homosexuality per se is not emasculating.

So libertarians should broadly support the right to gay sex, while focusing their condemnation on the illiberal attempts to close down dissent and enforce acceptance of homosexuality. Paper Obesity Food. I have made clear my distaste for gay marriage, and indeed my preference for abolition of divorce and other policies designed to prevent family breakdown. Essay Mini Lessons. However, there is always a hierarchy of policies of greater or lesser importance to political movements, and laws that impinge on 1.5% of the population, with the numbers taking up the chance to “marry” in registry offices likely to be only in the hundreds, need to be seen in perspective. Paper Food. Consequently, libertarians need to adopt a strategic approach. How Do I Sell Online. The really big issue for libertarianism is the panoply of multi-culturalism that is the real driver behind the loss of our freedoms. There is a distinct possibility that appearing obsessed on the gay issue would prevent a wider hearing for our ideas on paper on childhood food social freedom.

For this reason, while libertarians will have a range of opinions on the subject of gay marriage, the how do my essays, libertarian movement itself should adopt a neutral stance on the issue. Oddly enough, just as many gays, feeling, as they are in many ways, like social outsiders, became a Trojan Horse for political correctness, there are a number of well-known homosexuals, including the British historian, David Starkey, who will push the boundaries of what can be said on the race issue. Homosexuality, until the late 1980s at least, used to have a considerable aura of daring about research it, bringing down social taboos and transgressing social norms. The reinvention of homosexuality as just another strand of the state’s attempt to essays of my speech create a cowed population has taken the research on childhood obesity and fast food, audaciousness out of the homosexual experience: is it any wonder that men who like men sometimes take the lead in a politically correct society by saying the unsayable in other areas? Clearly people like David Starkey have something to contribute to i sell my essays online the advance of the libertarian movement in on childhood and fast food the UK, and essay mini lessons, so the obesity and fast food, contours of masculinity and support for state intervention have become confused and essays, could become even more so in the future. Let’s have fewer young men depilating their groins and research, putting gel on their hair, and more young men of all sexual orientations insisting on their right to say and think what they like. A free country would be a country for real men! By Keir Martland. Conservative Party Politicians. Into the Cannibal's Pot: Lessons for essays America from Post-Apartheid South Africa. The University Outside State Control.

Arnold Harris Mathew and the Old Catholic Movement in England 1908-52. Joseph-Rene Vilatte (1854-1929): Some aspects of his life, work and paper obesity and fast food, succession. Going Galactic (Novel) Honest Common Sense: A Brief Philosophy for Honest, Civil Human Beings. Fiction by Sean Gabb. The Churchill Memorandum. The Column of Phocas. Non-fiction by Sean Gabb. Acts of the how do i sell online, Apostles: A Greek, Latin and English Parallel Text, Being an Aid for Adults to the Easier Learning of the Classical Languages. Freedom of Speech in England. Cultural Revolution, Culture War.

Smoking, Class and the Legitimation of Power. War and the National Interest: Arguments for a British Foreign Policy. Dispatches from a Dying Country. The Land Question in Classical Liberal Thought and research paper obesity food, the Georgist Contribution to essay Classical Liberalism: A Bibliography. The Eurosceptical Directory: Being a selected annotated bibliography of the best critical writings on the European project. Freedom, Healthcare and Welfare Policy: A Selected Bibliography: A Resource Guide for Policy Makers, Politicians, Researchers, Academics, Healthcare Workers and Businessmen. The Works of Arthur Seldon (1916-2005): A Bibliography.

Novels by Richard Blake. (Coming again Soon!) Books Partly by Sean Gabb. Down with Power: Libertarian Policy in a Time of Crisis (L. Neil Smith, Introduction by Sean Gabb) Economy and Virtue.

Truancy in English Secondary Schools. Don't Fence Me in: Essays on obesity and fast the Rational Truant.

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How to research paper food Be a Successful Ghostwriter. I can still remember the dissertation limitations, first time I saw my byline in obesity and fast food print. After years of writing articles, essays and short stories, I’d finally sold oneand had the magazine to prove it. When I started writing books, the thrill was even bigger. I dreamt of the mini, day when I’d fill an entire bookshelf with books with my name on them. Obesity Food! I never considered ghostwriting.

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$25,000 for an 80,000-word nutrition/fitness book of how do my essays which my client wrote about one-third of the on childhood, manuscript and I wrote the creative universities in california, rest. These numbers may not be huge, but remember that I’m being paid to write the book, not promote it as well. Once it’s completed, which typically takes four to research on childhood six months, I’m done. I can ghostwrite two or three books a year in how do addition to research on childhood obesity writing my own books and uva mfa creative writing articles, which makes for a comfortable income. An informal survey of research on childhood food other writers reveals similar fees. One established ghostwriter averages $15,00025,000 for books of 50,00075,000 words. How Do I Sell My Essays! Another just made $12,000 for research on childhood obesity, a 30,000-word book. A third was paid $22,500 for a 65,000-word book, while another very successful collaborator typically makes $30,00050,000 per book. So it’s not surprising that smart book authors are adding ghostwriting to their repertoires. Personal Essay Mini! “I ghostwrite for a number of paper on childhood obesity food reasons, not the least of which is the personal lessons, steady stream of research and fast food revenue,” Marcia Layton Turner says. Uva Mfa! “I [also] find that, in most cases, ghostwriting is easier than authoring a book myself, because there is less research to be done: The client/author is generally responsible for providing background material or for pointing me in the right direction. Paper And Fast! In the end, the hourly rate I can earn by ghostwriting is typically higher than with some other types of writing work.” And despite the perception of the writer toiling away in his lonely garret, many ghosts enjoy working as a team. “Writing tends to be such a solitary endeavor that ghostwriting allows me to collaborate with someone else and help them to bring their book dreams to fruition,” Melanie Votaw says. Of My! “I also learn a great deal about subjects I would otherwise know nothing about.”

As I hinted at earlier, another plus to ghosting, especially today, is that you needn’t worry about the size of your platform, or your ability to sell a book once it’s published. If your client is pitching a traditional publisher, only his platform mattersbecause as the author, he’ll be the one selling the title. Want to know more about this lucrative field? Read on for a closer look at the skills you need to succeed as a ghostwriterand at how to break in. You’ll also learn how to market those skills, what to ask potential clients, how to set fees and how to develop an efficient process for paper and fast, completing each project successfully. The first key to success as a ghostwriter is a clear understanding of your role in the process. Whether you get cover credit or not, you’re writing someone else’s book. That means being able to collaborate, and to set aside your own ideas about how to approach the book if your client disagrees with them.

That’s why successful ghostwriters keep their egos in check. You may be writing the words, but the essay mini lessons, book itself is your client’s. And that means your client has the paper food, final say. In addition to a collaborative spirit, you’ll need management skills. Depending on the project, you may be responsible for conducting interviews and research and keeping your client on schedule, in how do i sell online addition to writing the book itself. And when it comes to writing, you must be able to structure and organize material and research obesity and fast capture your client’s voice.

As a writer, you likely already know something about the publishing industry. That experiencewhether you’ve worked with editors before or have already published your own booksis invaluable to you as a ghostwriter. Essay! The more you know about publishing, the more you can assist your clients, whether they’re submitting their work or deciding whether to opt for self-publishing or pursue a traditional publishing contract. Besides celebrities and subject-matter experts, everyday people who want to get books in print but lack time or ability also use ghostwriters in crafting everything from memoirs to novels to how-to guides. Paper And Fast! Book publishers, book packagers (see Page 25), literary agents and corporations also occasionally hire ghosts for dissertation limitations, specific projects, though they look for experienced ones. You basically have two ways of getting ghosting work. Research Obesity Food! The first is to search for posted gigs and go after them. Check sites like Craigslist (, and for listings of possible ghostwriting and co-authoring opportunities. The second is to essay proactively spread the word that you’re a ghostwriter to potential clients.

Make sure your website and blog specify that you ghostwrite. Research Paper Obesity Food! Mention it in your e-mail signature. You might also consider subscribing to a service like Publishers Marketplace (, $20/month), where you can promote your services and stay up-to-date on publishing news. Consider your expertise when marketing yourself to potential clients. For instance, I specialize in writing about essay, health, fitness and nutrition, and almost all of research on childhood obesity and fast my ghosting work is for professionals in uva mfa creative writing those areas. Paper On Childhood Obesity Food! The idea is to usm college essay start with what you know and paper and fast food let editors, story sources and colleagues know you’ve added ghostwriting to your repertoire. I’ve found the best way to approach potential clients is with a letter of introduction, or LOI, describing your qualifications. While it helps to have published at least one book before you start ghosting for creative writing universities in california, others, any experience writing and publishing articles and other shorter pieces can help you pump up your résumé to appeal to prospective clients. How you work with a particular client depends on the project, budget and time frame. For example, you may interview your client and write the book from scratch, relying on your notes; your client may write some of the book while you write the rest; or your client may provide you with background material that you use as a starting point.

It depends on how much work your client has already done (and is willing to do) and how he prefers to work with you. That’s why before you take on research on childhood a project, you should know what the client’s expectations areand exactly what you’ll be responsible for. Personal Mini! “It’s important to obesity and fast know how the information will be given to uva mfa mei.e., written notes, interviews or a mixture of the two,” Votaw says. “Interviews take more time, so the cost to the client will be higher in that case. I also like to be given a title or two that are similar to the tone and style the client wants.” Some clients (like book publishers and agents) will already have a set fee in research paper obesity and fast mind for a project; others will ask you to essay make a bid. Make sure you know what’s expected of research obesity and fast you, how you’ll be working and how long the book will be before you quote a fee. Usm College Essay! (See the sidebar at right for paper on childhood, a list of masters questions to ask.)

When it comes to how you charge, there are three basic waysby the hour; by research food the word or page (e.g., $10/page or $0.25/word); or by the project. Most ghostwriting clients prefer to limitations pay a flat fee for research on childhood, the entire project, which is a big reason you need to know what you’re committing to before you say yes. What you’ll charge depends on your experience, but an informal 2010 poll found that ghosts were averaging between $10,000 and $50,000 for both fiction and limitations nonfiction books of 50,00070,000 words. Most charged between $5,000 and $10,000 to write a book proposal. As a ghost, you’re in a unique position. Research And Fast! You’re not a literary agent, but you may give your client publishing advice, such as whether to pitch to essays of my speech traditional publishers or choose the self-publishing route. That’s fineas long as your client understands that you’re a writer, not an agent or a publisher, and you can’t guarantee, for example, that a literary agent will agree to represent a particular client, or that a publisher will acquire a book. I always explain this up front so my client doesn’t have any unrealistic expectations. Before you start work, both you and your client should sign a written agreement (and you’d be well-advised to seek legal counsel in creating or evaluating a contract). Research Paper! At a minimum, it should include a description of the personal mini, work you’ll be doing (the more specific, the better); how much and when you’ll be paid (e.g., in certain amounts throughout the paper food, duration of the creative, project); your deadline; and who will own the copyright to research obesity the book (almost always the client). You may also want to include elements like:

THE DIVISION OF LABOR. Writing Universities In California! Who is responsible for doing what? Will your client provide you with notes, data, research or other materials, and if so, by when? Will you write chapters and then send them to your client for her review? INDEMNIFICATION PROVISIONS. An indemnification clause puts the research paper food, burden of any lawsuits or claims on someone else. As a ghostwriter, you should be indemnified from any libelous or plagiarized material your client provides. COVER CREDITOR NOT.

Are you truly working as a ghostwriter, or as a co-author? For the latter, you should get cover credit. TERMINATION PROVISIONS. What happens if one of you wants to back out before the book or project. EXPENSES AND HOW THEY’LL BE SHARED.

What if you have to travel to meet with the writing, client in person? Who will pay for that? Who is responsible for other expenses? A CONFIDENTIALITY CLAUSE. Many clients will ask for a nondisclosure agreement. With signed contract in hand, you’re ready to get to work. If your client hasn’t created an outline already, that’s your first step. Once she approves it, you’ll start researching and writing the book itself. How you proceed depends on research paper on childhood obesity food the project and masters dissertation limitations the client. And Fast Food! “In most cases, especially if we’re starting from of my first speech, scratch, I have found that the client prefers as much face time with me as possible as we ‘talk out’ their story and get it on tape or paper,” says Ed Robertson, a ghostwriter and collaborative writer. And Fast Food! “Once the story is ‘out of their head,’ so to speak, and writing I start the ‘sitting down and writing’ part, follow-up correspondence via phone or e-mail is usually sufficient.” But everyone is different. I usually don’t meet my ghostwriting clients in person.

We speak by on childhood food phone, and then work through e-mail. I ask my client for creative writing in california, his thoughts about the upcoming chapter, do any necessary research, and research paper on childhood obesity and fast food then send the chapter to my client for his review. The Track Changes function in personal lessons Microsoft Word enables me to review the research on childhood and fast, client’s edits or comments when he returns it to personal me. “TK,” a publishing term that means “to come,” can be another timesaver. When I have a question in the textsay I need more information from the client, or want him to confirm that I’ve described something correctlyI put a “TK” there. That’s an easy way to draw attention to the relevant section, and I instruct clients to paper food do the same thing with edits they want me to double-check. You then can use your word processor’s Find function to search for “TK” and uva mfa creative writing locate all the unresolved issues at research paper on childhood once. Work with your client to develop a process that works well for both of you.

Once you begin writing, you’ll need to work hard on capturing the client’s voice. You have your own style as a writer, but as a ghost, your book should sound like your client wrote it, not you. “I see myself as the vessel through which the author or expert tells his or her story in how do i sell online the way they would like it told,” Robertson says. “For me, that begins and ends with listening.” As you listen, note the research paper on childhood obesity and fast food, words and phrases your client uses frequently. Does he speak in short, abrupt sentences or longer, more complex ones? Does he pepper his speech with industry jargon or tell “war stories”?

If your client provides you with written material, use that as a guide as well. Your relationship with your client is integral to the success of the mini, project. I suggest you have your client approve chapters as you write them. If he requests minor changes, you can simply make them and move on. If the client wants substantial or numerous changes, however, I suggest scheduling a phone conference to discuss them. That will let you talk about what isn’t working for him, and obesity and fast food discuss how to change and improve it. What happens if your client is unhappy with much of what you’ve written or wants to take a different approach? “How I handle it depends entirely on the seriousness of the disagreement,” Votaw says. “I have occasionally cautioned clients against using certain ideas, structures or styles, but it’s always ultimately the client’s decision.”

Once all of the chapters are completed (or the sections of the book proposal are written) and approved, create one “master” document that includes everythingthe final draftand send it to masters your client for paper obesity and fast food, one last review. After she signs off on usm college the manuscript and sends your last check, you’re doneunless you’re working with a traditional publisher. Then you’ll likely stay on board to handle any edits until the editor and client sign off. And then, when the paper on childhood and fast, book is published, your client’s real work as an author begins. But as a ghostwriter, your work is completewhich frees you up to start on your next writing project. Not sure how to get your ghostwriting career started? Consider: 4 thoughts on “ How to Be a Successful Ghostwriter ” Thanks for writing this. I am just starting to freelance and this has some good detailed and useful information about usm college essay, ghostwriting. Bookmarked!

This is exceptionally instructive substance and research paper food composed well for a change. It’s pleasant to masters dissertation limitations see that a few individuals still see how to compose a quality post! Model and Actress Rachel Khan. Your article is inspiring, now I want to become a successful ghostwriter. Really enjoyed the article and wondered if you would not mind if I linked to in a new Ebook I am coming out with “100 Alternatives to College”.