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English coursework a level help

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bela bartok essays Unitarian Universalist Association. Unitarian Universalist History Heritage Society. General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches (UK) Harvard Square Library. Coursework Help? Note: Click on beauty, highlighted composition names to english a level help, hear MIDI excerpts. Béla Bartók (March 25, 1881-September 26, 1945), the greatest Hungarian composer, was one of the most significant musicians of the twentieth century. Ghostwriter Jura Hausarbeit? He shared with his friend Zoltán Kodály, another leading Hungarian composer, a passion for ethnomusicology. His music was invigorated by the themes, modes, and a level, rhythmic patterns of the Hungarian and other folk music traditions he studied, which he synthesized with influences from essay his contemporaries into his own distinctive style.

Bartók grew up in the Greater Hungary of the Austro-Hungarian Empire which was partitioned by the Treaty of Trianon after World War I. His birthplace, Nagyszentmiklós (Great St Nicholas), became Sînnicolau Mare, Romania. After his father died in 1888, Béla's mother, Paula, took her family to english coursework a level help, live in Nagyazöllös, later Vinogradov, Ukraine, and then to Pozsony, or Bratislava, in her native Slovakia. When Czechoslovakia was created Béla and his mother found themselves on opposite sides of a border. A smallpox inoculation gave the infant Béla a rash that persisted until he was five years old. Because of this he spent his early years in isolation from other children, often listening to his mother playing the piano.

Béla showed precocious musical ability and cover letter lab technician, began to compose dances at the age of nine. The frequent moves of the family were motivated, in part, by Paula Bartók's desire to obtain the best possible musical instruction for her son. At Pozsony Bartók studied piano under distinguished teachers. He taught himself composition by english, reading scores. Under the influence of composer Ernö Dohnányi, four years ahead of him in his school, teenage Bartók wrote chamber music in an essay about, the style of Brahms. English A Level Help? In 1899 Bartók followed Dohnányi to the Academy of Music in Budapest.

While at the Academy Barták heard a performance of Richard Strauss's Also Sprach Zarathustra , which showed him, as he later recalled, there was a way of composing which seemed to letter, hold the seeds of a new life. English A Level Help? Combining his new enthusiasm for Strauss with his youthful Hungarian nationalism, in 1903 Bartók produced his first major work, the symphonic poem, Kossuth , honoring Lajos Kossuth, hero of the cover, Hungarian revolution of 1848. After graduating from the Academy Bartók began a career as a concert pianist. During his adult life Bartók performed in 630 concerts in 22 countries. In 1907 he became a piano instructor at the Budapest Academy. Although he did not especially care for teaching, he remained in this post for more than twenty-five years.

His most notable contributions to pedagogy were the teaching editions he made of the coursework a level, works of Bach, Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven and the pieces he composed for children. In 1904, while staying in the Slovakian countryside in an essay beauty, order to practice and compose, Bartók overheard Lidi Dósa, a Székely Hungarian woman from Transylvania, sing the song Piros alma (Red Apple). He then interviewed her to find out help what other songs she knew. This encounter was the cover letter for chemical lab technician, beginning of Bartók's lifetime fascination with folk music. Two years later Bartók was introduced to Kodály, who soon became his closest friend. Kodály had already begun to english, collect recordings of Hungarian folk music using an Edison cylinder. Bartók began his collecting in Hungary's Békés County in 1906. Ghostwriter Jura Hausarbeit? Unlike Kodály, Bartók also became interested in other folk traditions, studying the folk music of Romanians, Slovakians, Serbs, Croatians, Bulgarians, Turks, and english help, North Africans as well as Hungarians.

In 1906, while visiting Algeria, Bartók had a vision of how he might begin to order scattered folk tunes of the world. This, as he recalled, ended any desire on his part for the kind of america essay gang girl in career others had projected for him, as the a level, future master of the most charming salon music. Afterwards, the main task of his life was to collect, analyze, and catalogue major portions of the world's folk music. This multi-ethnic interest caused Bartók trouble, especially after World War I when Slovakians and ghostwriter kosten, Romanians were no longer part of Hungary. English? Areas in which Bartók had previously been free to this paper of my thesis, explore and do research were no longer open to him. Moreover, he endured much criticism at home for his unpatriotic interest in english help, the peoples of nations hostile to Hungary. Ghostwriter Jura Hausarbeit Kosten? Nostalgic for the ethnic diversity of the old Austro-Hungarian Empire, Bartók dreamed of the help, brotherhood of people, brotherhood in letter, spite of all wars and conflicts. In 1907 Bartók made his first trip to Transylvania to study the a level help, Székely people who had developed in isolation from other Hungarians and might, thus, have preserved some of the more ancient traditions.

While he was staying amongst these people, Bartók first became acquainted with the this thesis, Unitarian Church. Bartók had been brought up as a Roman Catholic. The ethical legalism taught in english coursework a level help, the religion classes at school drove him away from his early faith. By the time I had completed my 22nd year, he later wrote, I was a new man#151;an atheist. In a letter written in 1905 Bartók claimed to be a follower of Nietzsche and expressed his skepticism about religious teachings: It is odd that the Bible says, 'God created man,' whereas it is the other way round: man has created God. It is odd that the Bible says, 'The body is mortal, the soul is immortal,' whereas even here the contrary is true: the body (its matter) is eternal; the soul (the form of the body) is paper, transitory. Two years later, shortly after leaving Transylvania, Bartók wrote two letters to violinist Stefi Geyer which contain his most detailed statement of english help religious belief. Bartók called the trinity a clumsy fable that enslaves thought. That mystical mumbo-jumbo was not to be blamed on Jesus, who was only a moralist#151;though a great one. He called the conception of God as a bodiless, everlasting and omnipresent Spirit who has decreed all that has happened in the past, and similarly ordains the future, a muddled notion. Ghostwriter? The existence of the universe did not require the hypothesis of a creator, Bartók thought.

Why don't we simply say: I can't explain the origin of its existence and leave it at that? Bartók thought life's meaning was not directed towards immortality or the afterlife, but to give a few people some minor pleasures and to have a zest for life, i.e. a keen interest in a level, the living universe. If I ever crossed myself, it would signify 'In the name of Nature, Art, and Science.' He concluded his first missive with, Greetings from An Unbeliever (who is more honest than a great many believers). In 1909 Bartók married Márta Ziegler. Their son, Béla Jr., was born in 1910. 2013 Essays? In the a level, presence of lab technician his son Bartók declared his conversion to Unitarianism on July 25, 1916, and joined the Mission House Congregation of the Unitarian Church in Budapest in 1917. Formal church affiliation enhanced Bartók's prospects for additional employment and enabled his son to avoid otherwise mandatory Catholic religious instruction.

Father and son attended the Unitarian Church regularly. Bartók was briefly the chair of help a music committee, but was not a success in harvard essay, this role. He had strict and conservative ideas about church music and would have forbidden the english coursework a level help, use of any instruments other than an organ. Béla Bartók Jr. later wrote that his father joined the Unitarian faith primarily because he held it to be the ghostwriter, freest, most humanistic faith. Although Bartók was not conventionally religious, he was a nature lover: he always mentioned the miraculous order of nature with great reverence. Nature was Bartók's hobby as well. English A Level? He collected specimens: plants, minerals, and, especially, insects. Later in life he expressed his philosophy using a homely image drawn from nature: There is life in this dried-up mound of dung. There is life feeding on this dead heap. You see how the worms and bugs are working busily helping themselves to whatever they need, making little tunnels and passages, and then soil enters, bringing with it stray seeds.

Soon pale shoots of grass will appear, and life will complete its cycle, teeming within this lump of death. Bartók's personal philosophy was stoic and pessimistic. He held himself apart from others, independent of the ambitious struggle after trifles. Jura? As a consequence he felt lonely. In his first mature work, the opera Bluebeard's Castle , Bartók translated his own sense of english profound spiritual isolation into music. He pursued the same theme in the fairy-tale ballet The Wooden Prince , 1917, and the ballet-pantomime The Miraculous Mandarin . Written in this of my thesis, a more dissonant musical style than his earlier dramatic works, The Miraculous Mandarin tells a sordid modern story of prostitution, robbery, and murder. A Level? After its première in 1926 the audience stormed out in a rage and further performances were banned. About Beauty? The conservative Hungarian musical establishment, who preferred music more in english a level help, the vein of about beauty Brahms and Liszt, resisted Bartók's music. In his dramatic works, Bartók collaborated with writers out of favor with the help, government.

This fact, too, contributed to his lack of letter lab technician acceptance. By this time, however, Bartók's international reputation was secure. His two violin sonatas, 1921 and 1922, and the Dance Suite , written in 1923 for the fiftieth anniversary of the unification of the city of Budapest, helped to establish him as an important modern composer. In 1926 he composed a series of major works for piano, including the english a level help, first of his three piano concertos. His third and this thesis, fourth string quartets, from coursework help 1927 and 1928, in Bartók's most abstract and concentrated style, are among the works most often cited as masterpieces by ghostwriter jura hausarbeit kosten, music critics. In 1923 Bartók and a level, his first wife Márta were divorced.

Bartók immediately married a piano student, Ditta Pásztory. They had a son, Péter, born in 1924. Essay In? For Péter's music lessons Bartók began composing a six-volume collection of graded piano pieces, Mikrokosmos . Coursework Help? Bartók did not like the fascist régime that governed Hungary during the inter-war period. In 1919 he and Kodály were temporarily suspended from their Academy posts for political reasons. In the 1930s Bartók refused to perform or to have his works broadcast in Nazi Germany or Fascist Italy. He even largely avoided playing in Budapest. In 1931 he went to harvard, the French Embassy to accept the Légion d'honneur but, when awarded the Corvin Medal that same year, stayed away from the award ceremony because he would have had to english a level, accept it from the hand of Hungary's dictator, Admiral Horthy. Much of the music for which Bartók is remembered was written in the 1930s, often in response to commissions from abroad. He wrote his fifth string quartet, 1934, for the American Elisabeth Sprague Coolidge.

For the Swiss conductor Paul Sacher he composed Music for Strings, Percussion, and Celesta , 1936, the Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion , 1937, and Divertimento , 1939. Clarinetist Benny Goodman commissioned Contrasts , for clarinet, violin, and piano, 1938. Two other major works of this period were a violin concerto, 1938, and the last string quartet, 1939. As the European political situation worsened, Bartók was increasingly tempted to flee Hungary. Having first sent his manuscripts out of the country, in 1940 Bartók sailed for America with his wife. Péter Bartók joined them in ghostwriter jura kosten, 1942 and english coursework, later enlisted in hausarbeit, the United States Navy. Béla Bartók, Jr. remained in a level help, Hungary. Although he became an letter for chemical, American citizen in english a level help, 1945, Bartók thought of his stay in the U.S. less as emigration than exile. One attraction of the U.S. for this paper thesis, him was the opportunity to study a collection of Serbo-Croatian folk music at Columbia University in New York City. There are reports that the Bartóks lived in abject poverty during their New York years. Although this is not strictly true, they did live in obscurity and english a level, were by no means comfortably well-off.

When Bartók became ill with leukemia, the American Society for Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP) paid his medical expenses and lab technician, helped him to get better treatment. To ease Bartók's financial burden the conductor Fritz Reiner and english, violinist József Szigeti convinced the conductor Serge Koussevitzky to have his foundation commission an orchestral piece from Bartók. The result was Concerto for Orchestra , 1943, Bartók's most popular piece. In 1944 he composed a sonata for solo violin, written for Yehudi Menuhin. Essay? Bartók's last two major works, a third piano concerto, which includes bird calls and sounds of nature, and a viola concerto, both left unfinished at his death, were completed by his Hungarian colleague, Tibor Serly. These late pieces caught the spirit of the times.

One 1946 review claimed the music of Bartók ennobles all of music. And the contemporary world will soon be proud to say, 'We lived in the time of coursework help Bartók.' Many of hausarbeit kosten his works entered and have remained in coursework help, the orchestral and chamber repertoires. On September 26, 1945, Bartók died in cover letter lab technician, a New York hospital with his wife Ditta and his son Péter each holding one of his hands. The funeral was conducted by Rev. Laurence I. Neale, minister of New York's All Souls Unitarian Church. He was buried in english help, Woodlawn Cemetery in New York. In 1988, as the iron curtain separating Eastern Europe from the West was being lifted, Béla Bartók, Jr., then lay president of the Hungarian Unitarian Church, was able to college, have his father's remains transferred to Budapest. A statue of Bartók stands in front of the Second Unitarian Church in english a level help, Budapest. In addition to the pieces mentioned in the article above, the list of Bartók's significant orchestral compositions includes Piano Rhapsody (1904), two suites (1905, 1907), an early violin concerto (1908), Two Pictures (1910), Four Pieces (1912, orchestrated 1921), and Divertimento for cover lab technician, String Orchestra (1939). His Two Piano Concerto (1940) is an arrangement of the Sonata for Two Pianos and english coursework a level help, Percussion . Further chamber works include two rhapsodies for violin and college, piano (1928), which Bartók also arranged for violin and orchestra.

For piano Bartók wrote 14 Bagatelles (1908), Allegro barbaro (1911), Romanian Christmas Carols (1915), a suite (1916), 15 Hungarian Peasant Songs (1918), a piano sonata (1926), and Out of Doors (1926). Coursework A Level? A major piece for voice and orchestra, Cantata profana (1930), is based upon this is part of my thesis one of the epic Romanian Christmas songs (colinde) Bartók had studied. He also wrote art songs and arranged numerous folk songs. Each of Bartók's major works have been recorded many times. Coursework Help? His own performances on letter lab technician, record (and released on english a level help, CD) include Contrasts with Goodman and Szigeti, the rhapsodies with Szigeti, the paper thesis, Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion with Ditta Bartók, folk songs with Maria Basilides, and many piano works, collectively packaged on CD as Bartók at the Piano . On his recordings Bartók also performs Beethoven, Debussy, Bach, Mozart, Kodály, Liszt, and Chopin. A recent biography is Kenneth Chalmers, Béla Bartók (1995). Other biographies include Lajos Lesznai, Bartók (1961, Eng. version, 1973) and coursework a level help, József Ujfalussy, Béla Bartók (1965, Amer ed., 1972). Béla Bartók, Jr. wrote Apám életének krónikája/Chronicle of my father's life (1981) and Bartók Béla mhelyében/In Bartók's workshop (1982). Harvard? The last years of Bartók's life are covered by Agatha Fassett, Béla Bartók's American Years: The Naked Face of Genius (1958). Some particulars of the end of english help Bartók's life are in the third volume of the history of All Souls Church, New York, Safely Onward (1991), by Walter Kring. The biographical monograph Béla Bartók, by Vera Lampert and Lászlú Somfai in The New Grove Modern Masters (1984), also includes a complete list of Bartók's works and a detailed bibliography.

Collections of america essay gang girl essays on Bartók include Malcolm Gillies, editor, The Bartók Companion (1993); Peter Laki, Bartók and english coursework a level, His World (1995); and Amanda Bayley, editor, The Cambridge Companion to Bartók (2001). An interview by Laszlo Somfai, Béla Bartók Jun. on his Father, New Hungarian Quarterly (Winter 1976), is 2013 essays, also included in Malcolm Gillies, editor, Bartók Remembered (1991). There is a tremendous literature on Bartók's music, including works devoted to single compositions. Among these are Elliot Antokoletz, The Music of Béla Bartók (1984); John McCabe, Bartók's Orchestral Music (1974); Stephen Walsh, Bartók Chamber Music (1982); Mátyás Seiber, The String Quartets of english a level help Béla Bartók (1945); and Benjamin Suchoff, Guide to ghostwriter jura hausarbeit kosten, Bartók's 'Mikrokosmos' (1983). All material copyright Unitarian Universalist History Heritage Society (UUHHS) 1999-2017.

CREDIT LINE: From the biography of _______ written by ________ in the Dictionary of Unitarian and Universalist Biography, an on-line resource of the Unitarian Universalist History Heritage Society.

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Essay: Sun and english coursework a level help, Maximum Power Point Tracking in Solar Array Systems Using Fuzzy Controllers. Abstract: Solar energy is harvard essay prompt, viewed as clean and renewable source of a level, energy for the future. So the use of Photovoltaic systems has increased in many applications. Essay Prompt 2015! That need to improve the english help materials and methods used to harness this power source. There are two major approaches; sun tracking and maximum power point tracking. Cover Letter! These two methods need efficient controllers.

The controller may be conventional or intelligent such as Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC). FLCs have the advantage to be relatively simple to design as they do not require the english coursework a level knowledge of the exact model and work well for nonlinear system. The proposed sun tracking controller and maximum power point tracking is tested using Matlab/ Simulink program. Keywords: photovoltaic; maximum power point tracking; buck converter; incremental inductance. Renewable energy sources play an important role in electric power generation. There are various renewable sources which used for electric power generation, such as solar energy,wind energy, geothermal etc. Solar Energy is a good choice for electric power generation,since the solar energy is directly converted into electrical energy by solar photovoltaic modules. These modules are made up of silicon cells. When many such cells are connected in series we get a solar PV module. The current rating of the harvard prompt modules increases when the area of the individual cells is increased, and vice versa.

When many such PV modules are connectedin series and parallel combinations we get a solar PV arrays, that suitable for obtaining higher power output. The applications for english coursework solar energy are increased, and that need to improve the materials and methods used to 2013 college essays, harness this power source. Main factors that affect the efficiency of the collection process are solar cell efficiency, intensity of source radiation and storage techniques. The efficiency of a solar cell is help, limited by materials used in solar cell manufacturing. It is particularly difficult to make considerable improvements in gang, the performance of the cell, and english coursework, hence restricts the efficiency of the overall collection process. Therefore, the increase of the intensity of this paper, radiation received from the coursework sun is the most attainable method of kosten, improving the performance of english coursework, solar power. Essays! There. are three major approaches for maximizing power extraction in solar systems. Coursework A Level! They are sun tracking, maximum power point[1],[2] (MPP) tracking or both.

These methods needs controllers, may be intelligent such as fuzzy logic controller or conventional controller such as PID controller. Paper Is Part! The advantage of the english fuzzy logic control is that it does not strictly need any mathematical model of the plant. Jura Hausarbeit! It is based on english help plant operator experience, and it is very easy to apply. Hence, many complex systems can be controlled without knowing the exact mathematical model of the plant. In addition, fuzzy logic simplifies dealing with nonlinearities in systems. The nice thing about fuzzy logic control is that the linguistic system definition becomes the Control algorithm. The major things that have to be considered in development of sun and MPPT tracker are designing of PV module, DC to DC buck converter, MPPT algorithm and sun tracker.

The PV module characteristic is a non linear characteristic which depends on this paper thesis the reverse saturation current of the diode in parallel to the photo current source. The photon current is help, produced because of the photovoltaic action [3],[4]. The equivalent circuit of a PV cell is as depicted in Figure 1. The current source Iph represents the cell photocurrent. College Essays! The series and shunt resistances are represented as Rs and Rsh. The PV cells are grouped in larger units called PV modules which are further interconnected in coursework a level, a parallel-series configuration to form PV arraysThe current source Iph represents the cell photocurrent. Rsh and Rs are the intrinsic shunt and series resistances of the essay female girl in cell, respectively.

Usually the value of Rsh is very large and that of Rs is very small, hence they may be neglected to simplify the help analysis. The PV cells are grouped in larger units called PV modules which are further interconnected in a parallel-series configuration to 2013 college essays, form PV arrays. Fig 1. PV Cell Modelled as Diode Circuit. The photovoltaic panel can be modeled mathematically as given in equations (1) – (4) Where ‘ I’_ph is the photocurrent in (A) which is the light-generated current at the nominal condition (25’ and 1000W/m2), Ki is the short-circuit current/temperature coefficient ‘ I’_scr at (0.0017A/K), T is the actual temperature in coursework a level help, K, ?? is the irradiation on the device surface, and 1000W/m2 is the nominal irradiation. Modules reverse saturation current’ I’_rs: The module saturation current I_Ovaries with the cell temperature, which is given by:

Where I_O is the diode saturation current (A). The basic equation that describes the current output of the photovoltaic (PV) module I_PV of the 2013 single-diode model is coursework, as given in this of my thesis, equation. Where K is the Boltzmann constant (1.38 x ’10’^(-23) JK^(-1)), q is the electronic charge (1.602 x ’10’^(-19)C), T is the cell temperature (K); A is the diode ideality factor, Rs the series resistance (??). Ns is the number of cells connected in series. Coursework Help! Np is the number of cells connected in parallel, V_PV=V_oc.These reference values are generally provided by manufacturers of PV modules for specified operating condition such as STC (Standard Test Conditions) for which the letter irradiance is 1000 W/m2 and the cell temperature is 25’. The panel specifications are used to english, design the this simulink module of the required panel. The major factors are the open circuit voltage and english coursework help, the short circuit current.

B. DC TO DC CONVERTER: A buck converter [5],[6]is a step-down DC to DC converter. The operation of the buck converter is fairly simple, with an inductor and two switches (transistor and diode) that control the current of the inductor as shown in Figure. Fig 2. DC to DC to buck converter. It alternates between connecting the inductor to source voltage to store energy in hausarbeit, the inductor when the PWM signal is high and discharging the inductor into help the load when the harvard prompt PWM signal is low. When the duty cycle is in ON state, The diode become as reversed biased and the inductor will deliver current and switch conducts inductor current. The current through the inductor increase, as the source voltage would be greater. The energy stored in coursework, inductor increased when the current increase, and the inductor acquires energy. Ghostwriter Jura Kosten! Capacitor will provides smooth out of inductor current changes into a stable voltage at a level output voltage. When the duty cycle is in OFF state, The diode is ON and the inductor will maintains current to essays, load. Because of english a level help, inductive energy storage, inductor current will continues to harvard, flow.

While inductor releases current storage, it will flow to the load and provides voltage to the circuit. The diode is english, forward biased. The current flow through the diode which is inductor voltage is equal with negative output voltage. C)FUZZY logic controller: Fuzzy Logic is a control system methodology designed for solving problems. implemented in a widely range of systems such as: simple and small devices, microcontrollers or, on hausarbeit the other hand, large systems joined to networks, workstations or normal control systems. It may be developed in hardware, software, or both in combination. Fuzzy logic extends conventional Boolean logic to handle the english help concept of the partial truth the values falling between ‘totally true’ and ‘totally false’. These values are dealt with using degree of membership of an element to a set. The degree of membership can take any real value in the interval [0, 1].

Fuzzy logic makes it possible to imitate the behavior of human logic, which tends to work with ‘fuzzy’ concepts of truth. Fuzzy Logic shows a usual rule-based IF condition AND condition THEN action. It. approaches to a solving control problem rather than intending to model a system based on math’s. The Fuzzy Logic model is based on empiric experience, relying on essay female girl a number of coursework a level, samples rather than some technical understanding of the problem to be solved. The basic parts of every fuzzy controller are displayed in the following Figure .The fuzzy logic controller (FLC) is composed of a fuzzification interface, knowledge base, inference engine, and defuzzification. The fuzzifier maps the input crisp numbers into the fuzzy sets to obtain degrees of membership. An Essay About Beauty! It is needed in order to activate rules, which are in terms of the linguistic variables. The inference engine of the FLC maps the antecedent fuzzy (IF part) sets into consequent fuzzy sets (THEN part). This engine handles the way in which the help rules are combined. The defuzzifier maps output fuzzy sets into a crisp number, which becomes the ghostwriter output of the FLC.

Fig 3: Fuzzy Logic Controller. Solar tracking system uses a stepper motor as the drive source to rotate the solar panel. The position of the sun is determined by english coursework a level, using a tracking sensor, the sensor reading is converted from analog to digital signal, then it passed to a fuzzy logic controller. The controller output is connected to the driver of the stepper motor to rotate PV panel in one axis until it faces the sun[9]-[13]. FLC has two inputs which are: error and the change in error, and one output feeding to the stepper motor driver. The phasor plot in Figure 5.11 explained a method used in reaching the desired degree value at essays the equilibrium point to satisfy the stability in coursework, the system. For example, at stage A the error is positive (desired degree ‘actual degree) and the change error (error ‘ last error) is 2013 college, negative which means that the help response is going in ghostwriter kosten, the right direction; hence, the FLC will go forward in this direction. Using the same criteria at stage B, the english coursework a level help error is negative and CE is bigger negative; hence, the 2013 essays response is going in wrong direction so FLC will change its direction to enter Stage C, until reaching the desired degree.

Fig 4: FLC working phenomenon. E) MPPT fuzzy logic controller. The FLC examines the output PV power at each sample (time_k), and determines the change in power relative to english a level help, voltage (dp/dv). If this value is greater than zero the controller change the duty cycle of the pulse width modulation (PWM) to increase the voltage until the power is maximum or the college value (dp/dv)=0, if this value less than zero the controller changes the duty cycle of the english coursework PWM to decrease the voltage until the power is maximum as shown in Figure 5: Fig 5: V-I graph for a Photo voltaic module. FLC has two inputs which are: error and america girl, the change in error, and english, one output feeding to the pulse width modulation to control the jura kosten DC-to-DC converter [7]-[9]. The two FLC input variables error E and change of english coursework help, error CE at sampled times k defined by: Change _Error (k ) ”Error (k ) ‘Error (k ‘1) where P(k ) is the instant power of the photovoltaic generator. Gang! The input error (k) shows if the load operation point at coursework a level help the instant k is located on the left or on prompt 2015 the right of the maximum power point on the PV characteristic, while the english coursework help input CE (k) expresses the essay moving direction of this point. The fuzzy inference is carried out by using Mamdani method, FLC for the Maximum power point tracker.

III SIMULATION AND RESULTS: A: SOLAR TRACKING SYSTEM. Figure 6 the Simulink block diagram for the Fuzzy controller for sun tracker system. The controller has been tested using Simulink motor module in MATLAB, by coursework a level, applying the step input and initial degree of the rotor is -10 degree. The output step response is shown in Figures 5.17. The range from ghostwriter jura hausarbeit kosten, -10 to 0 degree takes 5 steps since each step in english coursework help, our motor is 1.8 degree, so (10/1.8)= 5 stepsThe fuzzy logic in the above block diagram shows the diagram consisting of error and change of error as input and output. The membership functions of input and beauty, output are shown in the below diagram. Fig 7(a),(b),(c) input and english, output membership functions for sun tracking FLC.

fig 8: stepper motor angle rotation for tracking system. Fig 9: zoom for one motor step. B: SOLAR MPPT SYSTEM: Fig 10: controlling PV power using FLC. Fig 11: generating error and change in 2015, error. Fig 12(a),(b) ,(c) input and output membership functions of MPPT FLC. Table 1. Fuzzy Rules Base.


PB ZE PS PM PB PB PB PB. Fig 13: Fuzzy MPPT Versus PO MPPT power. In this thesis, fuzzy logic controller FLC was designed to maximizing the energy received from solar cells by two methods. The first method is by implementing a sun tracker controlled by fuzzy logic controller to keep the PV panel pointing toward the sun by using a stepper motor. Coursework Help! The use of an essay beauty, stepper motor enables accurate tracking of the sun This controller has been tested using Matlab/Simulink program.

The other proposed method is by implementing a maximum power point tracker controlled by fuzzy logic controller and using buck DC-to-DC converter to keep the PV output power at the maximum point all the time. This controller was tested using Matlab/Simulink program, and the results was compared with a perturbation and observation controller applied on the same system. The comparison show that the fuzzy logic controller was better in response and don’t depend on knowing any parameter of PV panel. [1] Esram, T.; Chapman ,PL., ‘Comparison of photovoltaic array maximum power point tracking techniques,’ Energy Conversion ,IEEE Transactions on english coursework a level help , vol.22, pp.439,49,2007. [2] Ali Reza Reisi.; Mohammad Hassan Moradi.; Shahriar Jamasb., ‘Classification and comparison of maximum power point tracking techniques for photovoltaic system: A review,’ Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews , vol.19, pp.433,443,2013.

[3] Salmi T.; Bouzguenda M.; Gastli A.; Ahmed Masmoudi., ‘MATLAB/Simulink based modelling of solar photovoltaic cell,’ International Journal of Renewable Energy Research ,vol.2,no.2, 2012. [4] K. Kurokawa, S. Wakamatsu, Photovoltaic system design guidebook, Ohmsha, Ltd., ISBN 4-274- 94065-9, 1994. [5] Timothy L. Cover For Chemical! Skvarenina, ‘The Power Electronics Handbook, Industrial electronics series’, CRC Press, 2002. [6] Ortiz-Rivera, E.I., ‘Maximum power point tracking using the optimal duty ratio for english a level help DC-DC converters and Load matching in photovoltaic application,’ Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition, 2008. APEC 2008. An Essay! Twenty-Third Annual IEEE , May 2008, pp. 987 – 991. [7] Amrouche.; Belhamel ,M.; Guessoum ,A., ‘Artificial Intelligence Based PO MPPT Method for Photovoltaic Systems’ Revue des Energies Renouvelables (ICRESD’07), pp.11,16,2007. [8] Femia ,N.; Petrone ,G.; G. Spagnolo .; M. Vitelli ., ‘Optimization of coursework, Perturb and Observe Maximum Power Point Tracking Method,’ Power Electronics ,IEEE Transactions on, vol. 20, pp. 963 ‘ 973, July 2005.

[9] Mahdi ,A.J.; Tang ,W.H.;Wu , Q.H., ‘Improvement of A MPPT Algorithm for PV Systems and Its Experimental Validation’ International conference on renewable energies and power quality (ICREPQ’10) ,2010. [10] Algazar ,M.M.; AL-monier H.; El Kotb Salem ,M.E., ‘Maximum power point tracking using fuzzy logic control,’ Electrical power and energy systems , vol.39, pp. Prompt 2015! 21,28, 2012. [11] Daniel,A., Pritchard,D. (Aug1983). Coursework A Level! Sun Tracking by Peak Power Positioning for Photovoltaic Concentrator Arrays, IEEE Transactions on Control System, Volume 3, Issue3,Page(s):2-8. [12] Konar,A. Mandal,A. Ghostwriter Jura Hausarbeit! Microprocessor based Sun Tracker, IEEE Proceedings-A, Vol.138, No.4, Page(s):237-241.

[13] Huang,F. Tien,D. and Or,J. English Coursework A Level! (Dec. 1998). A microcontroller based automatic sun tracker combined with a new solar energy conversion unit, IEEE Proceedings on Power Electronic Drives and Energy Systems for Industrial Growth, Volume 1, 1-3, Page(s):488 – 492 . [14] Sungur,C. (2007) Sun ‘Tracking System with PLC Control for hausarbeit Photo-Voltaic Panels, International Journal of Green Energy, Vol.4, Page(s): 635’643. [15] Saxena,A. Dutta,V. (July 1991).

A Versatile Microprocessor based Controller for Solar Tracking, IEEE Conference, Vol. A Level! 2, 21 ‘ 25May, 1990, Page(s):1105-1109. [16] Khalil,A. El-Singaby,M. (2003). An Essay About Beauty! Position control of sun tracking system Circuits and Systems, Proceedings of the 46th IEEE International Midwest Symposium,Vol. Coursework A Level Help! 3, December 27-30, , pp. 1134 ‘ 1137. [17] Wai,R. Wang,W. Jun-You,M. (Nov.

2006). Grid- Connected Photovoltaic Generation System with Adaptive Step-Perturbation Method and Active Sun Tracking Scheme, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, Page(s):224 ‘ 228. [18] Lee, C. C., Fuzzy-logic in control-systems: Fuzzy logic controller., Part I. IEEE Trans Syst Man Cybern, vol.20,no.2, pp.404-418, 1990. [19] E H Mamdani, ‘Application of Fuzzy algorithms for the control of a dynamic plant’ IEEE vol. 121, pp. 1585-1588, 1974. [20] Wang Li-Xin .; Mendel Jerry M. Generating fuzzy rules by learning from examples.IEEE Transactions on female Systems, Man and coursework, Cybernetics 1992;22(6):1414e27. Search our thousands of essays:

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Why Am I A Good Leader Essays and Research Papers. Am I a Leader ? Leaders are charismatic, inspirational, and trustworthy. They have a vision. They are . good communicators, good listeners, good problem solvers, etc., etc. Coursework Help! Look up the word “ leader ” or “leadership” and cover letter for chemical lab technician you will find a list of english help traits or attributes that make someone a leader . I don’t argue that good leaders possess some of these characteristics and skills. But, that is not what actually makes someone a leader . You are a leader if someone else chooses to essay follow you. Period!

There are. Boss , Cult , Fiedler contingency model 922 Words | 3 Pages. 2010 Why I Am Attending College Why did you decide to go to college at this moment in your life? . Coursework A Level Help! Each and every one of us possesses distinctive reasons for attending college. Many of us have reasons are completely legitimate and harvard prompt 2015 then there are many of us that are going for irrelevant reasons that many of us don’t comprehend or pertain to a level help getting an education. The reasons that I am going to college are to make more money so I can have financial independence, be qualified for a field so I can.

Academic degree , Associate's degree , Bachelor's degree 1129 Words | 3 Pages. always asked where I am going to college or what do I want to do with my life. For many, this can be a simple . question with a quick clear answer, showing that they know exactly what they want to about beauty do with their lives. For me, this is a very difficult decision and my future career is english coursework a level help still a mystery. Knowing what you want to achieve in college essays, life is a wonderful thing, but the coursework, most important aspect of a career is america happiness. Even though I do not know what I want to do for the rest of my life, I do know that some. Academic degree , Academic term , Bachelor's degree 1041 Words | 3 Pages.

International Relations 103B 2378 Words Why Am I a Constructivist The three theories of international relations, . realism, liberalism, and constructivism, work in different ways to explain the workings of the world. This paper seeks to justify what makes me a self-designated constructivist. In examining the development of english conflicts throughout the history by the taking a look the era of the World Wars as well as the more recent events of terrorism and the rise of lab technician China, I attempt to explain with the best. Cold War , Communism , League of coursework a level Nations 2362 Words | 4 Pages. Why I Am Who I Am Now Life has many things to offer us. Some things offer happiness, . success and anything that may help us be contented and enjoy our journey. Ghostwriter Hausarbeit Kosten! Some things, on the other hand can put us down.

Like failure, hatred and many others. Criticism is one of the coursework, things in life that offers both. Criticism is something that may definitely make us or break us. I am the kind of person who doesn’t trust that easily. Yes. I do know many people especially now that I’m in college. But I have. Critic , Criticism , Education 998 Words | 3 Pages. constant. We are surrounded by uncertainty in our daily lives, whether it is personal or professional. It is important to understand that a . America Gang In! leader has to be comfortable dealing with uncertainty and change.

First it is important to understand who a leader is. Help! At the most basic level, a leader is america gang girl someone who guides or leads other people. In more detail, a leader is a strong individual who has a vision or a purpose. He or she also has the skills and coursework a level help dedication required to see this vision through, guiding. Fiedler contingency model , Individualism , Leadership 1859 Words | 5 Pages. is Bryan Hitchings. I am a 32 year old person passionate about food and ghostwriter hausarbeit kosten aspiring to coursework a level hone my cooking skills to become a . Paper Of My! professional chef. I have always loved cooking even as a child. When I was a child and barely able to see the eyes on english coursework a level help a stove, I was given a stool by my grandmother and allowed to cook with her.

I have had several influences such as my grandmother who was an excellent home cook, one uncle who was a chef, and another uncle who was a cook in the Navy. Prompt! Though I don’t come from a large. Catering , Chef , Cooking 1515 Words | 4 Pages. circumstances -- can be both a bully or a victim simply depending on english coursework the conditions. But, deny as you might, a frank evaluation of life will reveal a . 2013 Essays! startling conclusion, that many many situations boil down to these basics: bully, victim, bystander. Now why is that? Well, you -- like every other living thing on this planet -- are just a big carbon-based (instead of silicon-based) computer.

You are a painstakingly intricate vessel meant to accomplish one thing and one thing alone. You are to carry a code. 2008 singles , Bullying , Government 2617 Words | 6 Pages. Ethics MW 1:00-2:15 November 26, 2012 How Good of Character Are You? How Good of Character Can You Be? Webster’s . dictionary defines character as “One of the a level help, attributes or features that make up and distinguish an individual”. However, through the brief but informative experience that has been my Ethics class I have come to disagree with Webster. I do not believe that character is merely ONE of the features that distinguish an individual. I believe that character is the essay girl, ONLY feature that.

Categorical imperative , Ethics , Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel 1617 Words | 5 Pages. to name a few were and are great leaders in their own right. But were they born great leaders or taught to coursework be good . leaders ? To give the qualities of a good leader you must understand what leadership is. 2013 College Essays! “Leadership is the ability to help influence people toward the attainment of goals”. (Lamberton, Minor, 2008, para 1.) What does this mean? This means that by being a good influence toward a person(s) then they will be able to achieve their goal. Being a good leader is a combination of an essay beauty qualities possessed.

Fiedler contingency model , Leadership , Management 1576 Words | 4 Pages. Why I Am Optimistic About America's Future. Voice of a level Democracy Why I am Optimistic About our Nation's Furure Savannah Rippy To be optimistic about something . means to be hopeful and about confident about a level it. The word optimistic can be applied to several things. Such as; a person, an idea, and to me, our Nation's future.

When someone is optimistic about this something, the coursework a level, person, idea, or thing usually means something to an essay about beauty them, and America's future means something to me. It means a great deal to me because I live in english a level help, a place where I have the freedom. Future , Futurology , Hope 853 Words | 3 Pages. ? What Factors Affect Motorcycle Insurance Rates, should helmets be considered? By Eddie Wenzel and Vincent Starkson Group 18 Dr. . Zhang Fall 2012 10:00 AM Section Purchasing motorcycle insurance is not the same as purchasing car insurance because different factors will affect the ghostwriter, premium.

Both you and a level help your motorcycle will be considered by the insurance company, and this is part thesis there are several ways you can decrease your motorcycle insurance. The following are the most common. Boiler insurance , Damage waiver , Insurance 837 Words | 5 Pages. “The meaning of a message is the change which it produces in the image”.[1] In order to be a good political leader , you have to . progress certain traits over time. Coursework Help! You are not born a good political leader you have to be made in to a good political leader . To be a good political leader you must have will power and determination to ghostwriter jura hausarbeit kosten succeed. A good political leader in english coursework, order to succeed needs a good education, training and experience. “Leadership is hausarbeit kosten a process by which a person influences others to accomplish. Fiedler contingency model , Leadership , Management 1804 Words | 5 Pages.

Introduction In today’s organizations there is coursework a level a greater focus on employees stepping up to be leaders rather just managing their respective . responsibilities. College Essays! It is not enough to simply manage tasks and perform your delegated responsibilities any more employees are expected to take initiative and motivate those around them to also be leaders even if you are not a manager by title. Coursework Help! In order to be a leader , one must start by making a commitment and learn those skills needed to model the way and be examples. Business ethics , Ethics , Fiedler contingency model 1729 Words | 5 Pages. they are “Pro-Life” or “Pro-Choice”. I’m going to this discuss why it is wrong to be all out Pro-Choice. In my opinion I believe in . some situations it is okay to english help be Pro-Choice and sometime’s that may be your only option. America Essay Female Girl! Although, through my research I found a lot of information which made me have to side with the Pro Life side and be against english coursework a level abortion. From reading an cover lab technician article on how students have a Silent Day too fight against abortion I have learned a whole lot. In the article students were saying. Fetus , Human , Human rights 980 Words | 3 Pages.

important, a good manager or a good leader ? Discuss There are a lot of issues that are linked with managing . oneself when trying to build work based relationship and engage positively in the organizational decision making procedure. The business sector in coursework help, today's society is cumulatively rapid, and with this prompt increase comes the need for harvard essay 2015 more people to english a level manage and lead the growing establishments, but this growing need also raises some potential questions: Can anyone become a leader or a manager. Fiedler contingency model , Leadership , Management 1738 Words | 7 Pages. than Black White: I am Who I am One thing that truly sparked my attention for this assignment is of my . the title, “Who am I and Why Does it Matter?” Over twenty-two years of english help my existence, I still ask myself this question every day. I cannot guarantee that I have an absolute answer, for I am still in the process of personal discovery and grasping the concept of prompt 2015 personhood that differs at a particular time. What does it really mean to be me, especially at this point in time? Am I the same person now as.

Accept , Difference , Gender 1485 Words | 4 Pages. listen to me, I am feeling like a widow. My padrone abandoned me in english, prison. GOD only letter for chemical, you could solve my problem, only you could . English Coursework! bear me witness upon this crime I have been accused, but of which I am innocent. Please, if you are God come and rescue me, before society hangs me.

Amen!' I am from paper thesis Togo, in english coursework, west Africa, but I can't remember the village I am from because I got kidnapped when I was little.When I was playing outside my tent with my little brother, the ball fell into the bush. I ran after. Apostrophe , Ocean , Water 1701 Words | 4 Pages. Why I am Not a Christian - Bertrand Russell. Why I am Not a Christian an Examination of the God?Idea and cover for chemical lab technician Christianity Bertrand Russell . [March 6, 1927] [The lecture that is here presented was delivered at the Battersea Town Hall under the auspices of the South London Branch of the english a level help, National Secular Society, England. It should be added that the editor is willing to share full responsibility with the Hon. Essay Prompt! Bertrand Russell in that he is in accord with the political and other opinions expressed.] As your chairman has told you. Christianity , Existence of God , God 6715 Words | 4 Pages.

Who am I as a Learner? I am passionate to learn new things in an interesting way. . English Coursework A Level Help! I am a quick learner of theories andconcepts if it is delivered through visuals and demonstrations. I would prefer to learn in essays, a practical way rather than reading books, articles and english coursework a level journals. However, I am a good survivor in nature. S o, if in case I would have to learn through books and articles I could do thateffectively. I believe in harvard essay prompt, learning through a mix of theory and practice. S ometimes I may get bored. Leadership , Learning , Management 1952 Words | 6 Pages. Why am I in college and what should I try to learn here?

? Why am I in college and what should I try to learn here? According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor . Statistics, 2.1 million freshmen were currently enrolled in college in October 2012. I was a part of that statistic. I graduated high school in 2012 and decided to start college that summer at Florida Atlantic University. Similar to a level help many high school graduates, I decided to go to college because I am unsure of is part thesis what I want to do with my life and english help I am hoping that I will eventually figure it out while.

College , Full-time , Graduation 1007 Words | 3 Pages. IF I AM GIVEN A CHANCE, I REALLY WANT TO VISIT KOREA.. Prompt 2015! WHY SHOULD I ?? IF . Coursework! I WHERE TO CHOOSE ON WHAT COUNTRY WOULD I PICK IF I CAN VISIT ONE.. I WOULD DIFINITELY CHOSE KOREA.. WHY KOREA?? Well, Hi everyone, I am ******* I am 18 and I am from PHILIPPINES. College! Woow! Far, far places from english coursework help korea. Heheheh.:)) There are many reasons to why I would want to visit korea..

FOR ONCE in my life, I have been dying to visit korea. Though I don’t think I can afford, but I think I CANT! I have live my 18years on a. Jeju dialect , Jeju International Airport , Jeju-do 806 Words | 3 Pages. “ Why I Want to Be a Teacher” First of all, I love kids and it has always been my dream and passion to become an . educator. For most people, the this paper of my, word teacher is english a level help defined as someone who is responsible for informing or teaching someone something. But not everyone would have the same meaning or image for a teacher.

Teachers have a very important role of shaping the lives of female gang young children and preparing them to become productive citizens in coursework help, our community and with these types of paper of my thesis responsibilities teachers. Childhood , Education , Educational psychology 868 Words | 3 Pages. ? My Who I am Paper Liberty University Career Instrument Assessment . A Level! According to the assessment, my highest score of letter for chemical lab technician 34 was in the category Artistic, next was Social with 32 and my last 2 categories tied at 11 in the categories Investment, and coursework a level Enterprise(National Center for O*NET Development). In tying this into my Job zone assessment, my results show that I am willing to add more education in female gang in, order to a level have a specific career. By choosing. Counseling , Mental health counselor , Mental health professional 1853 Words | 5 Pages. Why am I Pursuing an MBA degree? I decided to pursue an MBA degree in order to harvard essay 2015 further my managerial . career in the company I work for. The question would be: Why do I think it will enhance my management career? The answer to that question requires short background information.

I started my career as an entry level programmer in 2000, after receiving my bachelor’s degree in coursework, computer science. This Paper Thesis! My career took a turn to coursework a level management in 2013 essays, 2003 when I was offered a team lead’s position with the company I. 1923 , Academic degree , Doctor of Philosophy 1103 Words | 3 Pages. de Lima Bap-1B “Who Am I ” In this essay, I’m going to share my experiences on what I have learned on myself. . These experiences will reflect on what are my characteristics and trait for being who I am now. As my state of mind, I tend to feel happier and more receptive to information when the information talks about the subject are interested in. If i have personal problems like worries about my family it affects me. English Coursework A Level! Different languages and cultures tend to affect how i communicate, use of difficult.

Carl Jung , David Keirsey , ESTP 1167 Words | 3 Pages. Why Should Anyone Be Led By You? University of the Incarnate Word With over 15 years in the . Air Force, I have a good deal of essays management experience. I have served as supervisor for up to 20 people at one time, and have been in many different situations where I’ve had to call on my leadership training. I have had to english coursework a level help deal with young adults’ financial problems, divorces, and even suicide attempts. I am passionate about what I do, and I genuinely enjoy. Fiedler contingency model , Leadership , Management 1265 Words | 4 Pages.

Makes a Leader In the three surveys that I took about harvard prompt 2015 what makes a good leader , all three of the . Coursework Help! individuals agreed on relatively the same thing. Not one of the survey takers chose the answer neither agree nor disagree or worse. Each answer was agree or strongly agree to the fourteen questions. A leader has great characteristics and the ability to motivate others. 2013 College! In this paper, I will go over english a level help their results and cover letter talk about what makes a good leader . There are three main things that make a good leader.

Fiedler contingency model , Leadership , Management 1603 Words | 4 Pages. To be a good leader True leaders must be good role models, knowledgeable in their fields, and . English Coursework A Level! worthy of is part of my respect. There are many ways to lead, whether it's by english taking on a leadership role at work or being the captain of letter your sports team. Here are some tips to help you excel as a leader in any situation. 1. Be a good role model. To earn respect, it's important to show that you know your stuff. People will respect and listen to you if they know you are knowledgeable in coursework, your field. • Discuss your. Boss , Employment , Leadership 919 Words | 3 Pages.

Whitman The “ I exist as I am ”, Whitman is talking about his perceptions of his grander self, his . Jura Hausarbeit! “ I AM ”. The I AM is the compilation of english coursework a level all that he feels he is or has been or could potentially be. I exist, therefore I am , I am all those things I have experienced and even things I have yet to experience. I am female, I am male, I am child, I am adult, angry, happy, wise and foolish. He is viewing the grander picture of essay prompt how he has been responding or reacting to english coursework his environment with different. Awareness , Experience , Life 1285 Words | 4 Pages. Why I am Late for essay gang girl in English Class Hastily, I dashed through the a level, door of my English class trying . to avoid the mandatory three deduction points for being late, however my watch displayed 6:05 pm. America Essay Gang Girl In! Out of breath, I tried to sneak into my chair as if I had not been late at all, then I heard Mr. Foster firmly ask, “Ms.

Sanders, why could you not arrive on coursework a level time today?” “If I can be here at 7:45 am , work ten hours, and manage to for chemical arrive here on time, so can you.” I responded to him by english coursework help saying, “If. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory , Chocolate chip cookie , Cookies 2965 Words | 7 Pages. WHO AM I ? I consider myself many things, some positive, most negative, but one trait that comes to mind when . someone asks me, “What is one adjective to describe you?” I cannot really answer that honestly. Letter! “Hi, I’m Andrea and english I would say that my overarching trait of all others is cynicism. I believe that I am the way that I am from learning how to cope with tragic events that have happened in 2013 essays, the past. Sigmund Freud’s ego defenses could clearly back up this idea. I am not cynical because I saw. Defence mechanism , Denial , Id, ego, and coursework help super-ego 803 Words | 3 Pages. Why Should I Be Moral? The question of morality proves to be a complex interrogatory.

Should I be moral? If . I should be, then why ? Why is morality important to society? An assumption can be made that morals derive from a purely religious perspective or the Golden Rule approach. We are told that it is right to be moral. Harvard Prompt! This is an ineffective answer, since it does not apply to someone outside the moral circle (Olsen, 79).

This in english coursework, mind, there is really no way to prove this too a person. Ethics , Eudaimonia , Happiness 1406 Words | 5 Pages. First of cover letter for chemical all, to be a leader , is to have the ability to influence others to accomplish a goal, or an english coursework help objective. How are leaders . expected to behave? Do they have to essay be perfect? Of course not, but they should stand out from the crowd. All leaders are different, so naturally they do not behave exactly the same way. It may be true that some people are borne with natural talents .However, without practice, without drive and without experience, there can be no true development in english, leadership. Letter! It is english a level help important. Leadership , Management , She-Hulk 1377 Words | 4 Pages.

be an adult? That is a very good question and jura hausarbeit kosten a topic my mother and I have debated over numerous times. When I . was in my early teens I had it all figured out and clearly mapped out in my mind. Coursework! Immediately I was going to be an adult the very moment I turned eighteen. In my little pea brain it was that simple. The United States government declared me an for chemical lab technician adult, so why wouldn’t everybody else. Eighteen was the coursework help, magic number. right? I was still in is part of my, high school, but I could write my own excuse of. Adult , Adult development , Adulthood 1018 Words | 3 Pages. A Good Leader: Odysseus and english help Gilgamesh.

Strength, determination and dedication are a few examples of characteristics, which a leader should possess. America Girl In! Characteristics of a . A Level! good leader may vary in the eye of the beholder, however, I believe that overall there are a few qualities that are critically important. Throughout a person’s life, the experiences they endure shape them and build them into an individual. Like the about, lugals in english a level help, Mesopotamia, it is a leaders obligation to letter lab technician protect and english a level serve. About! In the Mycenaean civilization the Wanax stood at the. Enkidu , Epic of Gilgamesh , Humbaba 1421 Words | 4 Pages. I am What I Eat SCI241 Dr. Coursework! Simyka M. Carlton March 4, 2012 You are what you eat. If that . is true, then I am a walking dairy product.

Lack of balance in nutrition creates a lack of about balance in the body. Stress, income, convenience, lifetime habits, and other factors all influence what and english coursework how we eat. This in turn affects our ability to function physically, mentally, and emotionally. Our brains and bodies are sensitive to what nutrients are consumed in our diet. When. Carbohydrate , Dairy product , Dieting 1508 Words | 4 Pages. Why I Am Returning to an essay about School After 30 Years.

Why I am Returning to School after 30 Years John Hulka ENG 121 Melissa Holmberg February 9, 2011 . Coursework! Sitting here, as a new student in an on online college course, reflecting back the past 30 years is really something. An Essay About! It is funny how fate (and bad decisions) will put you in a situation that you never thought you would be in, until it slaps you in the face. I never thought too much about school. I certainly did not think I would find myself in college, much less so late in. 2008 singles , Addiction , Drug 1156 Words | 3 Pages. I believe good leaders have the desire and willpower to coursework a level help become an for chemical lab technician effective leader . . Good leaders develop through a never ending process of self-study, education, training, and experience. I think one of a leaders ' main goals should be to inspire their workers into higher levels of teamwork, which can be acquired through continual work and study. English Help! Good leaders should constantly be working and studying to improve their leadership skills. Leadership is defined as a process by which a person influences. Fiedler contingency model , Kurt Lewin , Leadership 1250 Words | 3 Pages. Name: Jay Melson Petero Year Sec.: BSIT-4B “ Why do I exist”….”What is the purpose of my life?”….” Why does God . created me?” There are probably millions of people ask these question every day.

In fact, all of us tend to forget the answer of ghostwriter these question because of different problems we are facing today. We exist because we have different purpose in our life and it’s important to know the purpose why God created us. Life is very meaningful whether we want it to be or not. Even though. 2000 albums , Avicenna , Existence 862 Words | 3 Pages. JUDY BRADY I Want a Wife (1971) Judy Brady’s essay became an instant classic when it appeared in 1971 in the premier issue of the coursework help, feminist . magazine Ms.

As you read, analyze the definitions of “husband” and college essays “wife” that Brady uses, and consider why this essay became so powerful in coursework help, the 1970s. I belong to that classification of 2013 college essays people known as wives. I am A Wife. And, not altogether incidentally, I am a mother. English Coursework A Level! Not too long ago a male friend of mine appeared on america the scene fresh from a recent. Arrangement , Courteney Cox , Economics terminology 1165 Words | 3 Pages. Who am I becoming as a leader and how has that shifted since this course began? My desire and willpower to become . an coursework help effective leader has shifted, because I strive to become a better leader . America Gang! A good leader develops through a never ending process of self-study, education, training, and experience. English A Level Help! As a new supervisor who is college essays striving to be a great leader , one of english a level my main goals is to inspire my staff into higher levels of jura hausarbeit kosten teamwork, which can be acquired through continual work and study. Coursework! I feel it.

Ethical leadership , Fiedler contingency model , Leadership 3501 Words | 10 Pages. Group Leadership Essay What makes a good leader? characteristics ( leaders are born) or, rather, from observable actions ( leaders are made). Harvard 2015! Some basic leadership qualities, . English A Level! however, seem almost universal, no matter the leader or type of group they head: Good communication skills, the ability to constructively deal with a variety of jura personalities, and the mental toughness to shoulder responsibility and weather criticism. Certain personality traits are also required, such as, having a sense of humor, trustworthiness and general good people skills. Fiedler contingency model , Kurt Lewin , Leadership 1598 Words | 5 Pages.

Today Gandhi is considered the most important Indian who ever lived. The father of the nation,Bapu, non-violently and successfully fought for Indian equal . rights and for India's freedom and independence from english coursework a level British rule. He is one of the greatest leaders who ever existed because he was fearless, selfless and harvard persistent. Gandhi was not a great speaker, did not have a very attractive appearance, lived asimple life and coursework avoided the spotlight as much as he could, but he is letter lab technician still regarded as one of coursework help the. Civil disobedience , Gujarat , India 1168 Words | 3 Pages. Why I Write People write for essay 2015 many reasons. Some write to learn about themselves, express themselves, or to a level help educate . others. Still others write in an essay about, an attempt to create a permanent record of a level help thoughts, or to create a fictional world that can be shared with their readers. For the most part, I have written and continue to america essay female girl in write in order to get good grades. English Help! The focus on different aspects of the female girl in, writing experience has changed as I have become older.

In my freshman year of high school the english coursework help, main. College , Essay , High school 1514 Words | 4 Pages. Bertrand Russell: Why I Am Not a Christian. Why I am not a Christian is an essay by Bertrand Russell in which he explains the reasons why he does . not call himself a Christian. He puts up several arguments concerning the existence of god which include the First Cause Argument, the Natural Law Argument, the Argument from Design and moral arguments. Hausarbeit! He also goes in to english a level explaining the character of Christ and cover for chemical lab technician flaws in his teachings. He further goes in to explaining why he does not think that Christ was the best and coursework a level the wisest of men. He believes. Argument , Christian terms , Existence 1502 Words | 4 Pages.

“ WHY GOOD EMPLOYEE RESIGNED” Specific purpose: to inform the audience about the reason why good . employee resigned from about beauty working Central idea : the reason why good employee resigned from working are the english, job or workplace was not as expected, have a problem with bosses or supervisor, and feeling devalued and unrecognised. 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Walking at the city alone to go for shopping 1.2 Meeting a friend at the shopping complex - At the time, he wants to go for searching the new job because. At-will employment , Employment , Hire 565 Words | 3 Pages. I Am Special Every human is different and has their own story to share. They all have a turning point in life, and they are . all born with a special talent, or more! Their special talent can be sports, writing, or something really unique and an essay about special. Well, people like you and me, happen to be one of those special people. I’ve been playing tennis, dancing, and art ever since I was little. I was just naturally talented like most people.

I took my first tennis lesson when I was three years old. 2005 singles , 2007 singles , 2008 singles 905 Words | 3 Pages. ?For as long as I can remember, I have always known who I am ; it wasn’t until recently that . I learned what I am . Coursework Help! Since my earlier years as a child, I had always dreamt that the fairy tales my mother spoke of were real. Essay 2015! I had hoped that I , too, was living in a surreal world surrounded by english coursework help the mythological creatures of my fantasies. I gave up that dream when I turned thirteen, when my father ordered me to leave childish thoughts behind, in order to better prepare for becoming a man. Ironic was the paper is part thesis, fact. 2007 singles , Angel , Christian terms 858 Words | 1 Pages. the name I’ve chosen for coursework a level help my restaurant is Zhaf’ fav is because I wanted to gather all the nice and most favorable food I ever . eaten to this menu, and zhaf’s stands for my very name which is Zharif and this paper of my thesis Fav stands for favorite which is the favorite food I ever ate all around America . The reason I choose this name because I wanted to share with everyone the good food I love and I would guarantee of each costumer Location The location I choose for my restaurant would be at bukit damansara it’s area. Cheese , Competition , Eating 1180 Words | 4 Pages. type=How%20Topub=BOMI%20Internationalid=31164mode=source What is leadership?

Leadership has been described as a process of social influence in coursework a level help, which a . About Beauty! person can enlist the a level help, aid and support of others in essay gang, the accomplishment of a common task. For example, some understand a leader simply as somebody whom people follow, or as somebody who guides or directs others, while others define leadership as organizing a group of coursework help people to achieve a common goal. Studies of leadership have produced theories involving traits,[2] situational. Fiedler contingency model , Leader , Leadership 1373 Words | 5 Pages. professional growth and to accomplish your research ideas into reality. But what are the options left for the pool of people who possess all the talents, . College! good education and interest but standing behind the coursework help, crowd due to circumstances and regrets or in for chemical lab technician, a lab analyst role for english a level a long time. Essay 2015! Here some tips to design yourself rather than looking for good builder. It’s not just the passion and ambition. Do you possess a sort of english coursework help pain and flame deep in your heart and mind. Don’t you get fulfilled by working.

Basal ganglia , Dopamine , Kim Salmon 1109 Words | 3 Pages. I AM PAPER I AM THE RESURECTION AND THE LIFE David P. Velez 201120 Spring 2011BIBL 323-B10 LUO . Liberty University David P. Velez 22829002 201120Spring 2011 BIBL 323-B10 LUO I Am Paper; I Am the resurrection and the life. Of My! I Am the Resurrection and help the Life The apostle John, illuminated by the Holy Spirit, cites eight statements spoken by Jesus that shines evidence of His deity and His authority over all things. They are found in the book of John. America Female! I Am the Bread of Life (John 6:35). Bible , Christianity , God in Christianity 1835 Words | 5 Pages. Lord of the help, Flies: Why Ralph Is a Good Leader. human society is by essay a higher authority, or some form of government and/or leader . William Golding tries to touch on english coursework help some of these aspects of . our civilization through the various characters he creates in his novel, Lord of the Flies. Ghostwriter Hausarbeit! Leadership plays a very important role in the novel as it does in real life for english help us, because the essay gang girl, characters need to feel some sense of security in english coursework, order for them to survive. This Is Part Of My! The two main leaders in the story, through their similar and different leadership characteristics. Allegory , Fiedler contingency model , Kurt Lewin 1395 Words | 4 Pages.

Why I Am Who I Am Personality Description. genetics, society, education and familial contributions. I have been called many things in regards to my personality aggressive, domineering, . honest and opinionated but personally very few hold true. Without question I can admit I am honest but even more than that I am independent and loud. Aspects of my personality have been heavily influenced by english a level not only my family and lab technician social relationships. My personality shaped me into the person that I am motivating me to keep being honest with people and english going. Big Five personality traits , John Wiley Sons , Person 1116 Words | 3 Pages.

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management Semester Two, 2014/15 INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT HOW ENTREPRENEURIAL AM I Subject . Lecturer: Eric Hwang Tutorial Group: B01A Full Name Student Number Lau Cheuk Hin 13620804S Word Count: 1179 words Reflections from cover letter lab technician Self-Assessment Questionnaire For the answer that am I entrepreneurial, to complete the questionnaire would give a basic picture that which type of myself I belongs to. Questionnaire divided into few parts and focus on english different traits. For part one, which. Business , Entrepreneur , Entrepreneurship 1310 Words | 5 Pages. Who am I2028825-35242500 I’m Ephraim Jae B. Baniaga from Brgy. Ghostwriter Jura Kosten! Guerrero Dingras Ilocos norte, 20 years of age.My personality and character . are two important features that make me who I am . Although I may have some weaknesses in my character, I am basically the up beat type. I try to be as happy as I can most of the a level help, time. About Beauty! Everyone cannot please each other but if everyone pleases themselves and coursework a level are cheerful most of the time, I feel that it is a better start to put yourself in life. Prompt 2015! Being down or.

Filipino language , Filipino people , High school 1029 Words | 2 Pages. WHY A MASTER AND HOW Why a Master of english coursework Business Administration and How I Decided Master of Business . An Essay Beauty! Administration: A Stepping Stone To Success Noted American poet, Robert Frost, once wrote, Two roads diverged in coursework a level help, wood and I ? I took the one less traveled by, and college essays that has made all the difference. (Frost, 1920). English Coursework Help! As I struggled to 2013 essays decide how to pursue my long-term educational goals, I found the above-mentioned passage replaying in coursework help, my mind. Ultimately, it is because I recognize the importance. Academic degree , Bachelor of harvard prompt Science , Bachelor's degree 815 Words | 3 Pages. Weddings are often a time of celebration, especially for my family. Coursework Help! This past summer, as we prepared for my sister Gini’s wedding, the an essay about beauty, festivities extended . to good -natured teasing of the bride- and groom-to-be. For example, WITH knowing smiles, my parents--self-proclaimed experts on marriage courtesy of help their own wedding almost thirty years ago--dispensed advice about everything, including how to improve her cooking skills beyond instant rice and grilled cheese.

Gini’s typical responses included. Irony , Jonathan Swift , Marriage 2941 Words | 7 Pages. ?In Why I Want a Wife, Brady offers hypothetical criteria for an ideal wife in a satirical commentary on how the work of wives . is often taken for granted. The humor of the essay lies in ghostwriter jura hausarbeit kosten, its structure: on the surface it seems to accept the english help, criteria it puts forth, while the meaning actually operates in the recognition that the 2013 college, narrator is being sarcastic. English A Level! Using writing as one of her tools for activism, Judy (Syfers) Brady has established herself as a supporter of the women’s movement since she.

Irony , Jonathan Swift , Marriage 2263 Words | 5 Pages.

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15 August Independence Day Essay In Hindi, English for Kids. 15 August Independence Day Essay In Hindi, English for Kids , India Independence Day Essay for coursework a level Students, Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 , 15 August, Independence Day Essay in about beauty, Urdu, Tamil, Telugu, Sanskrit, Marathi also searched by help, many people around different states in america female gang, India.. On this occasion of 15 August Independence Day , India is going to celebrate their 69 th Independence Day and many people around the english coursework help, world are busy in searching Independence Day Essay and Independence Day Speech or 15 August Speech online for their kids, Children. The Independence Day Essays for kids must be very simple in content, which should include topics like National Flag, National songs, celebrations, States capitals, leaders Significant Dates etc. Each topic can be described in one or two line to make it 206-210 words. The following are the best samples for 15 August Essay or Independence Day Essay for Kids , You can check out below !! 15 August Independence Day Essay In Hindi For Kids. 15 August Independence Day Essay In Hindi for Kids. 15 August Independence Day Essay In Hindi For Kids.

1.) Before 15th August, 1947, India was ruled by Britishers. India became free on essay in 15th August 1947. The day is a level help celebrated as Independence Day every year. On this day in 1947, our first Prime Minster Jaw Lai Nehru hoisted the National Flag at the Red Fort Delhi. He also delivered a message to the nation. Si then it is celebrated every year at the Red Fort. A V number of men, women and children come to watch celebrations. A salute of twenty one guns is fired and the Nation Anthem is played. The Prime Minister delivers a mess to the nation. This day is celebrated in every part of in the schools; the Principals hoist the National and deliver speeches.

At night the national buildings illuminated. Many people celebrate this day by fl#8217; kites. The day reminds us of the america girl in, sacrifice made by patriots and martyrs. ( Independence Day Essay In English For Kids ) 2.) 15th August is our Independence Day. It is a red letter day for Indians. On this day we won our freedom from foreign rule. It came after a long and hard struggle. We made many great sacrifices to win our freedom. English Coursework Help! Our national flag was unfurled on the ramparts of the Red Fort for the first time on 15th August it was hoisted by 2013 college, our beloved Chacha Nehru. This day is coursework a level celebrated throughout the this paper is part of my, country. But the main function is held at the Red Fort in Delhi where the Prime Minister hoists the National Flag. Celebrations are also held in the state capitals.

The Governor or the Chief Minister unfurls the tricolour and english a level help, takes salute. The National Anthem is also sung. The Red Fort ceremony is marked by a guard of honour presented to the Prime Minister and a salute of 21 guns. The military bands play our national song. Then there is an important speech by essays, the Prime Minister. It is a day of national holiday. All the shops, establishments, factories, offices, etc. are closed. This historic day reminds us of many great patriots who sacrificed their lives to english a level, win us freedom.

We must struggle and work hard to maintain our freedom. In schools also the tricolour is hoisted on this day. Some important leader or the principal then addresses the cover for chemical lab technician, gathering. In the evening there is coursework a level illumination of government buildings. Kavi Sammelans, Mushairas and Kavi Darbars are also held on the occasion. ( Independence Day 2015 Essay In English For Kids ) 15th August 1947 Independence Day 2015. 3.) India became independent on 15th August, 1947 after a long struggle. Jawaharlal Nehru, who had spent the paper is part, prime of his life in British jails while fighting against the mighty British Empire, became the first Prime Minister of India and hoisted the Indian flag, tricolor, on the ramparts of the english a level help, Red Fort in Delhi at 12:00 pm as the zero hour for 15th August started on this date in 1947. Ghostwriter Jura Hausarbeit Kosten! He called the moment India’s “tryst with destiny”.

Since then 15th August is celebrated every year as Independence Day. The main festival is held in Delhi. The Prime Minister of India hoists the tricolor early in the morning on the ramparts of the Red Fort before a mammoth gathering of english coursework, Indian and foreign dignitaries, VIPs and common people. He makes a speech from behind a bullet proof glass cabin. In his speech, he explains the achievements and policies of the this paper is part of my thesis, government and highlights the english help, projects in america essay female, hand. He lists the major problems of the country and how the government wants to english a level, address and harness them. Small functions are held in all towns and cities and college, even in some big villages. In state capitals, the Chief Ministers and at other places Governors and other dignitaries such as Deputy Commissioners, senior police officers, Mayors of Municipal Corporation, etc. hoist the national flag.

In schools and coursework help, colleges the Presidents of Managing Committees or Principals of the institutions concerned do the ceremony. In all cases, the function always ends with the about, recitation of the National Anthem with due respect and regard. ( 15 August Independence Day Essay For Kids ) 4.) India won freedom from the British on August 15, 1947. Since then August 15 is celebrated as an Independence Day every year with great enthusiasm. English A Level Help! The Independence Day is a day of beauty, pride and happiness for all of us throughout the country. On this day our first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru unfurled the National Flag at the Red Fort for the first time. Since then this day is celebrated as a National festival. The Prime Minister takes the salute and the guard of coursework a level help, honor from the three wings of army, navy and 2013 college, air force. Prime Minister gives the message in his speech. This day is celebrated all over India.

The day is a level celebrated with great pomp and show in Delhi. In schools, colleges and other educational institutions, the national flag is unfurled by the Principal. The National flag is 2013 essays also unfurled at all district head quarters by district collectors or political leaders who read out the state governor#8217;s message. The Independence Day is a day of remembrance. This day reminds us the sacrifice of english help, patriots who lost their lives for the freedom of the country.

We should swear to serve our country with devotion!! HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!! ( 15 August Independence Day Essay In English For Kids ) Hope you like our collection of 15 August Independence Day Essay In Hindi, English for college Kids , You can choose one for a level 15th August Function and don#8217;t forget to essay girl, share this awesome collection of english coursework, 15 August Independence Day Essay with your online friends on different social networks [use below share buttons]

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Canadian Journal of help Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. Scope of the of my thesis, Journal and guidelines for papers. The Journal welcomes manuscripts reporting significant new knowledge and understanding of fisheries and aquatic sciences. Manuscripts may concern –omics, cells, organisms, populations, communities, ecosystems, or processes that affect aquatic systems. They may cover a range of disciplines including biology and ecology of marine and freshwater organisms, limnology, oceanography, physiology, toxicology, genetics, economics, disease, and management. English Coursework. Manuscripts are selected for publication according to the extent and significance of new knowledge or ideas presented. 2013 Essays. Preference will be given to manuscripts that contain clearly demonstrated empirical evidence of predictive or mechanistic relationships (i.e., rigorous quantitative analysis of observational data or experiments) or that advance underlying theory. The Journal considers the following types of english coursework a level help contributions: Invited review is a critical synthesis of information on an important topic; reviews can exceed the length limits of articles, but length concerns should be discussed with the an essay about beauty, Editor prior to submission.

Papers must be clearly and concisely written in good English or French. Help. Authors whose native language is not English or French should consult someone fluent in English or French prior to cover letter lab technician submission of the english help, manuscript. Alternatively, a professional language-editing service can be used. NRC Research Press recommends Editage, a leading provider of English-language editing and author support services. NRC Research Press authors get a special 15% discount on submissions made through this link. Abstracts should be submitted in essay 2015, the language of the paper.

They will be translated into the other official language by the Journal translator. There are no page charges for publication in the Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. To facilitate publication , authors must check symbols, abbreviations, and technical terms for accuracy, consistency, and readability. NRC Research Press maintains the right to preserve the technical quality of the Journal. Coursework A Level. Authors are requested to refer to a recent issue of the 2013 college, Journal for details of layout, especially for tables and reference lists. Manuscripts and illustrations must meet the requirements outlined below; otherwise, publication may be delayed.

Submitted manuscripts are evaluated by coursework help, the Editorial Office for suitability and compliance with these instructions to harvard authors. Manuscripts that do not meet the guidelines are returned to authors for coursework help, corrections as “Unsubmitted Draft”. When first submitting a manuscript for peer review, low-resolution versions of figures should be uploaded to limit file size. For revisions, the corresponding author will be contacted by paper is part of my, e-mail and english help asked to submit a revision; the ghostwriter, process is very similar to initial submission. Submit Production Files is the final step of the english, peer review process. 2013 Essays. In ScholarOne, check that all author names appear as desired online.

Check that the contact author in ScholarOne matches the corresponding (contact) author on english a level help the title page of the america gang girl, manuscript. Checklist for authors (Material to accompany the submission) Authors should note the Cover Letter section of coursework ScholarOne does not need to repeat any information that will also be given in the next section: Author Questions. explanation of conflict of interest, reasons why reviewers have been placed on your Non-Preferred list, a brief statement of the is part thesis, significance of the work (optional) Resubmissions Use the coursework a level help, Cover Letter area to jura include comments to the previous reviewers (pasted or attached.) A highlighted copy of the resubmitted manuscript showing changes made should be included as a file upload. Authors can choose to have a pdf of the accepted manuscript (prior to copy editing and page composition) loaded to the Journal’s website while their paper is undergoing the regular production process.

Authors may wish to submit a copy that does not show track changes or corrections, as no changes can be done after upload to the Just-IN website. Just-IN manuscript will only be loaded to coursework a level the web if license to publish forms and any necessary permissions for previously published material have been received. EACH CO-AUTHOR must complete a license form granting publishing rights to Canadian Science Publishing. Copyright remains with the author(s) or the essay prompt, organization that owns the author(s)’ copyright in the article. A link to our License to Publish form is sent to all authors as part of the manuscript submission process. The form can be easily completed and submitted within ScholarOne. If you are submitting the License to english coursework Publish form outside ScholarOne, then the completed, signed form must be submitted via fax (613-656-9838) or email to the journal’s editorial office.

IMPORTANT: If the article’s copyright is held by an organization, then the signing officer of that organization must complete and america essay female gang girl in sign the form, and submit it via fax (613-656-9838) or email or to the journal’s editorial office. License to english coursework Publish form (pdf) If you are purchasing open access, your article will be licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0). Please refer to our OpenArticle information page for instructions. Licence to Publish forms for about beauty, government employees. If your employer is the government of Canada (Crown) or US , AND they own the copyright of the manuscript, please use the pages of the form with the corresponding headers for Crown and US government employees.

Options for submitting Licence to Publish forms: Upload all your signed copyrights with your manuscript files. Scan and email completed forms to this office. Please put the english help, manuscript number in the file name. Fax completed forms to 613-656-9838. Colour illustration authorization form. Colour figures will appear in colour at no charge in the ONLINE version of the manuscript. Upon acceptance, the corresponding author will receive a Colour Illustration Authorization form by email. A written notice is required from the corresponding author, by email or by filling out the colour form , if black and white is chosen for the printed version of your manuscript. There is no charge for black and white figure printing. For primary biodiversity data authors are strongly encouraged to place all species distribution records in essay gang in, a publicly accessible database such as the english a level help, national Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) nodes ( or data centres endorsed by GBIF, including BioFresh ( for freshwater data and the Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS, for marine biodiversity data, which also holds supporting measurements taken alongside the species occurrence data.

Once the 2015, Editor has decided to consider the manuscript for publication, the corresponding author of a submitted manuscript will receive a formal acknowledgement letter and will be requested by the Editorial Office to complete necessary forms as soon as possible. If the Editor has decided not to consider it for publication, then the corresponding author will be notified of this decision via e-mail. Peer review is required for all manuscripts, including those submitted for a special or thematic issue. A Level Help. In most cases, the Editor will assign an Associate Editor who will invite confidential reviewers. The Associate Editor may use the this is part, reviewers suggested by the authors but is not limited to those suggestions. Special or thematic issues may have differing practices, depending on the policies of the journal or the needs of the special issue. Although the coursework, Editors generally seek the jura kosten, advice of scientific peers, they may decline without review those manuscripts judged inappropriate for english help, the Journal. If the manuscript is accepted for review, the Editor will seek advice from a minimum of two reviewers selected for their knowledge of, and their experience in, the subject treated in the manuscript.

Reviewers are invited, in confidence, to recommend on the suitability of the submission and harvard essay 2015 provide comments for the authors and the Editor. The Editor retains full responsibility, however, for all decisions regarding the english help, manuscript. Suggested Reviewers: Authors should provide the first and last names of the reviewers in beauty, addition to their current e-mail addresses. Qualified and eligible reviewers include other researchers in the field who are not in direct or indirect conflict of interest with the english coursework, submitted manuscript. Please also consider naming international reviewers in the list. Authors are invited to suggest reviewers who are competent to harvard 2015 examine their manuscript, but the coursework help, Editor is cover letter for chemical not limited to such suggestions. Reviewers are informed that they have received privileged documents for help, assessment of harvard scientific merit and are expected to a level help provide reasonable arguments to support their evaluations. Identities of ghostwriter jura hausarbeit reviewers will not be released to authors without the written consent of the help, reviewer. Non-Preferred Reviewers: You may optionally enter the names of reviewers who you do not want to review your paper. Authors resubmitting a manuscript after previous rejection or withdrawal must indicate the manuscript number assigned to the previous submission in their cover letter. These resubmitted manuscripts are treated as new papers, and thus the cover letter must include all of the information requested for new submissions (see Cover letter requirements noted above).

Authors may submit the for chemical, new manuscript by via ScholarOne, along with a detailed, point-by-point reply to english coursework all issues raised during the previous evaluation. The Editorial Office checks all accepted manuscripts for america essay girl, conformation to the Instructions to Authors and to ensure that all necessary paperwork, including a signed licence to publish form (see section Permission license), is present. Any areas that are identified as problematic will be addressed by the Editorial Office in english a level help, consultation with the corresponding author. Once the Editorial Office has resolved any problems with the manuscript and the original signed Assignment of Copyright forms have been received from all authors, the manuscript is forwarded to NRC Research Press in Ottawa for publication. The papers are prepared for publication by a professional copy editor responsible for ensuring that the final published work is consistent in form and style. Authors who so choose can have a pdf of the accepted version of their manuscript (prior to america essay girl copy editing and page composition) loaded to coursework help the Journal’s Web site while their paper is undergoing the regular production process. To learn more about this, see our FAQ page on “Just-IN” manuscripts. Correspondence with NRC Research Press.

Once the ghostwriter jura hausarbeit, paper has been accepted, all correspondence should be with NRC Research Press, 65 Auriga Drive, Suite 203, Ottawa, ON K2E 7W6, Canada (fax: 613-656-9838; e-mail:; URL: NRC Research Press may make editorial changes as required, but will not make substantive changes in the content of a paper without consultation with the author and coursework help the Editor. A proof with illustrations inserted, the copy-edited manuscript, and a reprint order form are sent to the corresponding author. Galley proofs must be checked very carefully, as they will not be proofread by NRC Research Press, and must be returned within 48 hours of receipt. The proof stage is not the time to make extensive corrections, additions, or deletions, and essay 2015 the cost of changes introduced at the proof stage and coursework help deemed to be excessive will be charged to the author. If reprints or e-prints (electronic reprints in PDF format) are desired, the author must follow instructions for letter for chemical lab technician, ordering forwarded with the help, galley proofs. Other customers can order reprints directly from the Reprints and permissions link for the published article on the Web site.

Reprints are ordered from Rightslink and PDFs can be obtained directly from NRC Research Press for a fee. Permission to reproduce copyright material. Whenever a manuscript contains material (tables, figures, charts, etc.) that has been previously published and, hence, is protected by copyright, it is the obligation of the ghostwriter hausarbeit, author to secure written permission from the holder of the coursework, copyright to reproduce the material for both the print and electronic formats . These letters must accompany the submitted manuscript; otherwise, publication may be delayed. A form for requesting permission is available on is part of my thesis the Journal Web site ( All material designated as “taken from …” must be accompanied by a letter of permission. A Level. If the 2013 college essays, material is not to be reproduced exactly as in the original, it should be designated as “modified from …”. In either case, the a level help, source of the material must be included in the reference list.

Permission to reprint material published in NRC Research Press journals. Permission to reproduce or republish the paper, in america essay gang, whole or in part, should be requested via Rightslink, by using the Reprints and permissions link for the published article on the Web site. The ethical standards expected of authors, referees, and editors are described in the NRC Research Press Publication Policy (published on the Journal Web site at a level,, or available upon request). The Editorial Board considers a paper not eligible for publication if most of the content of the america essay in, paper ( i ) is under consideration for publication or is help published in harvard prompt, a journal, or book chapter; ( ii ) is under consideration for publication or is published in a conference proceedings or a government publication with a substantial circulation (distributed to 100 or more individuals over a wide area). Authors may post a copy of their submitted ( pre-print ) or accepted (post-print) manuscript on their own Web site, an institutional repository, a pre-print server, or their funding body’s designated archive. We encourage authors to insert hyperlinks from preprints and post-prints to the final published version on the NRC Research Press Web site . Abstracts or extended abstracts related to conferences do not constitute prior publication.

Extended abstracts are usually under 2000 words and do not include presentation of detailed tables and graphics of the results of the english coursework help, study. Plagiarism (publishing a substantial portion of one’s own previously published research results without acknowledgement of such republication or using work published by another author without attribution) is a serious offence . About. Because NRC Research Press is committed to combating plagiarism, it participates in CrossCheck. CrossCheck is a multi-publisher initiative to screen content for originality using the software iThenticate, which compares submitted manuscripts against the CrossCheck database of scholarly literature and detects instances of overlapping and english coursework similar text. To find out more about CrossCheck visit In the cover letter, the college essays, corresponding author must affirm that all of the authors have read and approved the manuscript.

Conflict of interest and disclosure. The Editor recognizes that authors and peer reviewers may have real or perceived conflicts of interest arising from intellectual, personal, or financial circumstances of their research. Submitted manuscripts should include full disclosure of funding sources for the research and the letter of transmission should include an explanation of any real or perceived conflicts of help interest that may arise during the peer review process. Ghostwriter Hausarbeit. Failure to disclose such conflicts may lead to refusal of a submitted manuscript. Experiments involving humans or animals. All authors, regardless of their country of origin, who describe experiments on vertebrate animals are required to give assurance in the Materials and english methods that the essay, animals were cared for in accordance with the Guide to the Care and Use of Experimental Animals (Vol. 1, 2nd ed., 1993, and Vol. 2, 1984, available from the Canadian Council on Animal Care, 190 O’Connor St, Suite 800, Ottawa, ON K2P 2R3, Canada, or on their Web site at english help, or the Guide for the Care and Use of paper is part Laboratory Animals (1996, published by National Academy Press, 2101 Constitution Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20055, USA) and that their use of animals was reviewed and approved by the appropriate animal care review committee at the institution(s) where the experiments were carried out. Authors who describe experiments on humans are required to provide assurance in the manuscript that appropriate standards for human experimentation have been followed, that the experiment has been reviewed and approved by their institution’s ethics review committee, and that the subjects have given informed consent prior to participating in the study.

Authors must certify that research involving endangered species was conducted in conformance with all applicable laws. Photos of people and photo manipulation. If a person pictured in a photo is identifiable, his or her permission is required to publish the photo. The person will be asked to sign a letter or form allowing NRC Research Press to publish the photo. Authors should be aware that the Journal considers digital images to be data.

Hence, digital images submitted should contain the same data as the original image captured. Any manipulation using graphical software should be identified in the methods, including both the english a level, name of the software and for chemical lab technician the techniques used to enhance or change the graphic in any way. Help. Such a disclaimer ensures that the methods are repeatable and ensures the scientific integrity of the work. The removal of harvard 2015 artefacts or any (nonintegral) data held in the image is discouraged. The manuscript should be double spaced , including references, tables, and figure captions, and formatted for 21.5 × 28 cm (8.5 × 11 in.) or ISO A4 paper, with 2.54 cm (1 in.) margins on all sides.

Each page should be numbered, beginning with the title page. Continuous line numbers should also be included for the text. For material that is to be set in help, italics, use an this paper is part of my italic font; do not underline. Use capital letters only english coursework a level when the letters or words should appear in capitals. Presenting a manuscript to maximize its online discoverability. Authors can structure their manuscript to maximize its online discoverability by following a few simple guidelines. In particular, the wording of the title and abstract is especially important, because these are freely available to all readers and are used by a wide variety of female systems to find and retrieve content, such as search engines, indexers , and digital catalogs. Consider the following suggestions: — Include keywords in your abstract that are reflective of the paper. These should be included right in the text of the abstract, and can be repeated if it makes sense to do so.

When choosing keywords, consider what words you yourself would enter into a search box if you were to search for your work online. — Where possible and practical in the abstract, include synonyms for your keywords which laypersons would understand. — Use your keywords in the body of the paper where appropriate. — Ensure that abstracts are complete, such that they include a clear definition of the problem, methods, and english results. Both titles and abstracts provide information for 2013, contemporary alerting and information retrieval services , and should therefore be informative but brief. Titles are also the coursework a level, most heavily weighted element of a paper for jura hausarbeit kosten, online search engines and should therefore contain important descriptive phrases that relate to the topic, stating information such as the experimental organism used, specific behaviour , modifying agent, and key result or concept. English. Titles should be brief and clear. The common name and taxonomic name should be included if the organism is not well known, as in the example “The cuticle of tephritid fruit flies (Urophora spp.)”. The title page should contain the following. ( i ) The full title of the paper. ( ii ) Authors listed in the order in 2013 college, which they are to appear at the head of the printed article. ( iii ) Affiliation and address (including e-mail address) for each author. This should reflect the affiliation and address at english help, the time of the study.

Indicate current affiliations and addresses (including e-mail addresses) that differ from those in jura hausarbeit, the by-line in a footnote. ( iv ) Name, address, telephone number, fax number, and e-mail address of the author responsible for correspondence. The Editor urges all authors to use full forenames rather than initials and (or) one forename. An abstract is required for every contribution. Its content is particularly important for alerting retrieval services, search engines, and for readers, who scan the abstract to decide whether to download and read the coursework a level help, rest of the 2013 college essays, paper. The abstract should be well written and contain three to four descriptive keyword phrases that will draw the english, reader to jura kosten the content. Because search engines look for duplication of terms, repeating keyword phrases in the title and abstract increases the chance that a paper will be highlighted during an online search; care should be taken, however, because excessive repetition of a term can cause a search engine to reject a Web page. Begin the abstract with the a level help, main conclusion from the study and harvard essay prompt support it with the relevant findings.

Limit details of english coursework methods to college those needed in coursework a level, understanding what was done and an essay beauty work them into statements of findings. Avoid using phrases such as “… is discussed” or “… was found”; be specific. The abstract should not be more than 175 words and english coursework a level should appear on a separate page. Abstracts submitted in one language will be translated into the other official language by prompt, the Journal translator. Coursework A Level Help. References should not be cited in the abstract unless they are absolutely essential, in lab technician, which case full bibliographic information must be provided. Authors are encouraged to submit a graphical abstract with their manuscripts.

The purpose of a graphical abstract is to visually describe a concept or finding from the paper to coursework a level help entice readers and encourage understanding of the main message of the paper. The graphical abstract may consist of an illustration, diagram, equation, or other informative visual that serves to explain the subject of the article. Graphical abstracts appear online only. Limit the Introduction largely to the scope, purpose, and rationale of the study. Essays. Restrict the literature review and a level other background information to that needed in defining the problem or setting the work in perspective. Essays. Try beginning with the purpose or scope of the work, defining the problem next, and adding guideposts to orient the reader. An introduction generally need not exceed 375–500 words.

Materials and methods provides the coursework, framework for getting answers to the questions posed in the purpose of the work. Limit the results to answers to the questions posed in the purpose of the work and condense them as comprehensively as possible. Give the findings as nearly as possible in the terms in which the america female gang girl in, observations or measurements were made so as to avoid confusion between facts and inferences. State noteworthy findings to be noted in each table and figure, and avoid restating in the text what is clear from the captions. Material supplementary to the text can be archived in the report literature or a recognized data depository and referenced in the text (see Supplementary material section). Limit the Discussion to giving the main contributions of the coursework help, study and interpreting particular findings, comparing them with those of other workers. Emphasis should be maintained on synthesis and interpretation and exposition of broadly applicable generalizations and principles. If these are exceptions or unsettled points, note them and show how the america essay girl in, findings agree or contrast with previously published work.

Limit speculation to what can be supported with reasonable evidence. End the Discussion with a short summary of the significance of the work and conclusions drawn. If the Discussion is brief and straightforward, it can be combined with the Results section. Acknowledgements should be written in coursework help, the third person. We strongly urge authors to limit acknowledgments to those who contributed substantially to scientific and technical aspects of the harvard prompt, paper, gave financial support, or improved the quality of the presentation. Avoid acknowledging those whose contribution was clerical only. Footnotes to material in the text should not be used unless they are unavoidable, but their use is coursework encouraged in tables.

Where used in america in, the text, footnotes should be cited in english, the manuscript by letter for chemical lab technician, superscript Arabic numbers (except in the tables, see below) and english a level help should be numbered serially beginning with any that appear on the title page. Each footnote should be typed on the manuscript page upon which the reference is made; footnotes should not be included in the list of references . Equations should be clearly typed; triple-spacing should be used if superscripts and (or) subscripts are involved. Superscripts and subscripts should be legible and carefully placed. Distinguish between lowercase l and the numeral one, and between capital O and the numeral zero. Essay 2015. A letter or symbol should represent only one entity and be used consistently throughout the paper.

Each variable must be defined in the text or in a List of symbols to appear after the english help, reference list. 2013 Essays. Variables representing vectors, matrices, vector matrices, and tensors must be clearly identified. Numbers identifying equations must be in parentheses and placed flush with the left margin . In numbering, no distinction is made between mathematical and chemical equations. The author is responsible for verifying each reference against the original article. Each reference must be cited in help, the text using the surnames of the authors and the year, for example, (Walpole 1985) or Green and Brown (1990). Depending on harvard essay prompt the sentence construction, the names may or may not be in parentheses, but the english coursework a level help, year always is. This Is Part. If there are three or more authors, the english coursework a level, citation should give the about, name of the english coursework help, first author followed by about, et al. (e.g., Green et al.

1991). If references occur that are not uniquely identified by the authors’ names and coursework a level year, use a , b , c , etc., after the year, for example, Green 1983 a , 1983 b ; Green and Brown 1988 a , 1988 b , for harvard essay, the text citation and in the reference list. Unpublished reports, private communications, and english a level help in-press references. References to letter for chemical unpublished data, manuscripts in english a level help, preparation or submitted to other journals, progress reports, and unpublished papers given at annual meetings are not cited in the reference list but may be included in parentheses in america female gang in, the text, giving all authors’ names and initials. For a private communication, year of communication should also be given, as well as the individual's affiliation and location, e.g., (J.S. English Coursework A Level Help. Jones, National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, personal communication, 2010). If consultants’ reports or other documents of limited circulation must be cited, they should carry with them an availability statement explaining where the essays, document can be obtained. If an unpublished book or article has been accepted for publication , include it in the reference list followed by the notation “In press”.

Do not include volume and page number in an in-press reference, as these are subject to change before publication. The reference list must be double-spaced and placed at the end of the text. References must be listed in alphabetical order according to the name of the first author and not numbered. References with the same first author are listed in the following order. ( i ) Papers with one author only are listed first in english coursework a level, chronological order, beginning with the earliest paper. ( ii ) Papers with dual authorship follow and are listed in alphabetical order by the last name of the second author. ( iii ) Papers with three or more authors appear after the harvard essay 2015, dual-authored papers and are arranged chronologically. References should be selected judiciously and english a level help be largely restricted to significant, published literature. As such, in-text citations should be limited to ghostwriter jura hausarbeit kosten a maximum of three per english a level help, sentence. References should follow the form used in current issues of the Journal. The names of serials are abbreviated in harvard prompt, the form given in Chemical Abstracts Service Source Index ( CASSI ) (Chemical Abstracts Service, 2540 Olentangy River Road, P.O. Box 3012, Columbus, OH 43210-0012, USA). Coursework Help. In doubtful cases, authors should write the name of the serial in full. The Journal encourages the inclusion of issue numbers, which should be placed in parentheses after the ghostwriter kosten, volume number.

The following bibliographic citations illustrate the punctuation, style, and abbreviations for references. Examples of references types, including electronic references. Newbury, M .G., and Ashworth, A.C. 2004. A fossil record of colonization and response of lacustrine fish populations to english coursework help climate change.

Can. J. Fish. Aquat. Sci. 61 (10): 1807–1816. doi:10.1139/F04-113. Newbury, M .G., and Ashworth, A.C. 2004. A fossil record of colonization and response of lacustrine fish populations to climate change. Can. J. Fish. Aquat.

Sci. 61 (10): 1807–1816. Available from about beauty, [accessed 28 October 2005]. Journal article available online only coursework help (with DO I): van d er Sanden, J.J., and Hoekman, D.H. 2005. Review of relationships between grey-tone co-occurrence, semivariance, and autocorrelation based image texture analysis approaches [online]. Can. J. Remote Sens. 31 (3): 207–213. doi:10.1139/rs03-011.

Gordon, D .C., Jr., and Hourston , A.S. ( Editors ). 1983. Proceedings of the Symposium on the Dynamics of Turbid Coastal Environments. Can. College Essays. J. Fish. Aquat. Sci. 40 (Suppl. 1). Sanders, W .W., Jr., and Elleby, H.A. 1970. Distribution of wheel loads in highway bridges.

National Cooperative Highway Research Program Report 83, Transportation Research Board, National Research Council, Washington, D.C. Williams, R .A. 1987. Coursework. Communication systems analysis and design. Cover Letter For Chemical Lab Technician. Prentice-Hall, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, N.J. Scott, W .B., and Crossman, E.J. English Coursework A Level. 1973.

Freshwater fishes of Canada. Bull. Fish. Res. Board Can. Kosten. No. 184. Healey, M .C. 1980. The ecology of juvenile salmon in Georgia Strait, British Columbia. In Salmonid ecosystems of the North Pacific.

Edited by coursework a level help, W.J. McNeil and D.C. Himsworth . Essay Female Gang. Oregon State University Press, Corvallis, Oreg. pp. English Coursework A Level. 203–229. Kemp, A .L.W. Paper Is Part Thesis. 1969. Coursework A Level Help. Organic matter in the sediments of Lakes Ontario and Erie.

In Proceedings of the harvard essay prompt, 12th Conference on english coursework a level Great Lakes Research, Ann Arbor, Mich., 5–7 May 1969. International Association for Great Lakes Research, Ann Arbor, Mich. pp. 237–249. Institutional publications and cover letter for chemical pa mphlets: Dzikowski, P .A., Kirby, G., Read, G., and Richards, W.G. 1984. The climate for agriculture in Atlantic Canada.

Available from the Atlantic Advisory Committee on english coursework a level help Agrometeorology, Halifax, N.S. Publ. ACA 84-2-500. Agdex No. 2013 Essays. 070. American P ublic Health Association, American Water Works Association, and Water Pollution Control Federation. Coursework A Level Help. 1975. Standard methods for the examination of water and wastewater. 14th ed.

American Public Health Association, American Water Works Association, and Water Pollution Control Federation, Washington, D.C. Keller, C .P. 1987. The role of an essay polysaccharidases in acid wall loosening of epidermal tissue from young Phaseolus vulgaris L. hypocotyls. M.Sc. thesis, Department of Botany, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C. Quinion, M .B. English Coursework Help. 1998. Citing online sources: advice on online citation formats [online]. Available from [accessed 20 October 2005]. Koike, A ., and Ogura, B. 1977.

Selectivity of meshes and entrances of shrimp traps and crab traps. J. Paper Of My. Tokyo Univ. Fish. English A Level. 64: 1–11. [Translated from cover lab technician, Japanese by Can. Transl. Fish. Aquat. Sci. 4950, 1983.] Tables must be typed on separate pages, placed after the list of references, and numbered with Arabic numerals in english coursework a level help, the order cited in the text.

The title of the table should be a concise description of the content, no longer than one sentence, that allows the table to be understood without detailed reference to the text. Column headings should be brief, but may be amplified by footnotes. Vertical rules should not be used. A copy of the Journal should be consulted to see how tables are set up and letter for chemical where the lines in coursework, them are placed. Cover Letter For Chemical Lab Technician. Footnotes in english coursework, tables should be designated by symbols (in the order *, †, ‡, §, ||, ¶, #) or superscript lowercase italic letters.

Descriptive material not designated by a footnote may be placed under a table as a Note . Numerous small tables should be avoided, and the number of tables should be kept to a minimum. Figure captions should be listed on a separate page and placed after the tables. For the initial submission only , figure captions may also be placed directly beneath their corresponding figures (on the same page), for ease of review. An appendix should be able to stand alone, as a separate, self-contained document. America Female In. Figures and tables used in an appendix should be numbered sequentially but separately from those used in the main body of the english, paper, for example, Fig. A1, Table A1, etc.

If references are cited in harvard essay prompt, an appendix, they must be listed in english help, an appendix reference list, separate from the reference list for the article. If there is more than one appendix, label as follows: Appendix A, Appendix B, etc. Supplementary material (or data) consists of extra tables, figures (maps), detailed calculations, and data sets produced by the authors as part of their research, but not essential for understanding or evaluating the paper, and 2015 not published with the english coursework help, article in the print edition of the journal. This material is never edited, converted, or scanned, and therefore will appear exactly as submitted. This is to prevent any errors from being inadvertently introduced during file manipulation or printing.

Tables and figures should be numbered in sequence separate from those published with the paper (e.g., Fig. S1, Table S1), and all supplementary material should be referred to america essay gang in in the english, manuscript by footnotes. Supplementary material must be submitted with the article, in electronic format. During Web submission ( ScholarOne), relevant files should be attached under “Supplementary data”. The electronic copy will be made available in its native file format on the Journal Web site at no cost to readers. It is not the policy of the Journal to publish detailed printouts of computer program statements. Where the availability of these details enhances the usefulness of the paper, the author should submit the essay 2015, program information electronically as Supplementary material (see section above). “With the exception of fixing errors in figures, NRC Research Press will not be making any editing changes or corrections to coursework a level help the figures submitted by the authors, including units or labels in graphs. For the about beauty, most part, figures will only be sized to fit appropriately within the layout of the manuscript.” Unless specifically noted, the following applies to all Journals. Manuscripts containing illustrations that ignore the following specifications will be returned to the authors for appropriate revision prior to acceptance of the paper.

See the electronic graphics list at for coursework a level, accepted file formats. Each figure or group of figures should be planned to fit, after appropriate reduction, into the area of either one or two columns of text. Female Girl In. The maximum finished size of a one-column illustration is 8.6 cm × 23.7 cm (3.4 in. Coursework Help. × 9.3 in.) and this is part thesis that of a two-column illustration is 18.2 cm × 23.7 cm (7.2 in. × 9.3 in.). Component figures must be combined into one figure. The figures (including halftones) must be numbered consecutively in english help, Arabic numerals, and each one must be referred to in the text and must be self-explanatory. All terms, abbreviations, and symbols must correspond with those in jura, the text. Only essential labelling should be used, with detailed information given in the caption.

If various degrees of grey shading are used, ensure that they are varied enough to differentiate among them or you may need to also insert patterns over a level, the greys (e.g., stippling, hatching). Submission of noncontinuous (screened) photographs and scanned illustrations is not acceptable, as moirés develop; a moiré is a noticeable, unwanted pattern generated by rescanning or rescreening an illustration that already contains a dot pattern.) All lines must be sufficiently thick (0.5 points minimum) to reproduce well, and lab technician all symbols, superscripts, subscripts, and decimal points must be in coursework, good proportion to the rest of the drawing and large enough to cover letter allow for english, any necessary reduction without loss of detail. Avoid small open symbols; these tend to fill in upon reproduction. The same font style and lettering sizes should be used for all figures of gang girl similar size in any one paper. Original recorder tracings of coursework a level help NMR , IR , ESR spectra , etc., are not acceptable for reproduction; they must be redrawn. Proper attribution must be given to the source of map data. An Essay. Permission requirements can generally be found on the website of the map source, and attribution information generally appears on the bottom corner of the map. See attribution guidelines for Google Maps, for example, at

Please provide the attribution information in the figure caption if it is not clearly visible on the map. Maps must have very clear, bold patterns and must show longitudes and latitudes (or UTM coordinates) and a level a scale, to ensure proper identification of study locations. Ghostwriter Jura. On maps of Quebec , the coursework, official name of municipalities must be used (e.g., Québec, Montréal, Clarke City) and physical features must be in French (e.g., Lac Bienville) except for those that are considered of pan-Canadian significance (see list below). 2015. Areas of pan-Canadian significance have an english coursework a level official form in English and French (e.g., Atlantic Ocean and Océan Atlantique) and should appear in the language of the 2013 essays, paper. Quebec (the province) must also appear in the language of the paper. Names that should be presented in the language of the paper on a map of Quebec are as follows: Lake Abitibi / Lac Abitibi Anticosti Island / Île d'Anticosti Atlantic Ocean / Océan Atlantique Chaleur Bay / Baie des Chaleurs Hudson Strait / Détroit d'Hudson James Bay / Baie James Laurentian Mountains / Les Laurentides Ottawa River / Rivière des Outaouais Quebec (province) / Québec Restigouche River / Rivière Ristigouche Saguenay River / Rivière Saguenay Saint John River / Rivière Saint-Jean St. Lawrence River / Fleuve Saint-Laurent Gulf of St. Lawrence / Golfe du Saint-Laurent Lake Timiskaming / Lac Témiscamingue Ungava Bay / Baie d'Ungava. Photographs should be continuous tone, of coursework a level help high quality, and with strong contrast. Only essential features should be shown.

A photograph, or group of them, should be planned to fit into the area of either one or two columns of text with no further reduction . Electron micrographs or photomicrographs must include a scale bar directly on the illustration. Please do not use magnification. The best results will be obtained if the paper of my, authors match the contrast and density of all figures arranged as a single plate. Colour illustrations will be at the author’s expense. Authors must submit a Colour Authorization Form with approval of the author or institution who will pay for the colour reproduction.

Further details on english a level prices are available from the Journal Editorial Office . Colour illustrations should use contrasting colours rather than colours very close in hue, or differentiate similar colours by inserting patterns over the colours (e.g., stippling, hatching). An Essay Beauty. When a figure is to appear in colour online and in black and white in print, authors must supply only a single colour version of the illustration (rather than one colour version and coursework a level help one black-and-white version). The figure caption should provide a clear explanation of the figure whether the figure is being viewed in the online or print version of the Journal (for example, instead of “the red and blue symbols”, write “the red circles and blue squares”). Structures and schemes should be placed on separate pages (not within the text). About. Use of a computer drawing program such as ChemDraw or ChemWindows is highly recommended. Single-width bold and help broken lines are preferred to wedges for ghostwriter hausarbeit kosten, stereochemical notation; 12-pt Helvetica font should be used for atom labels. Graphical abstracts are published as part of the Table of Contents (applies to CJC only).

The graphical abstract may consist of a small structural diagram, equation, or other informative drawing that serves to illustrate the subject of the article. Authors should note that the maximum allowable size of the final reproduction is 40 mm high by coursework, 85 mm wide without text (except necessary labels) and should plan accordingly. Cover Lab Technician. The graphical abstract must be submitted in an electronic format . Preparation of electronic graphic files. NRC Research Press prefers the submission of illustrations, figures, and other artwork (such as multimedia) for accepted manuscripts in an electronic format and will use these electronic files whenever possible to ensure accuracy, clarity, and english coursework the highest level of detail. Windows or Macintosh versions of True Type or Type 1 fonts should be used. Do not use bitmap or nonstandard fonts . All figures should be submitted at the desired published size. For figures with several parts (e.g., a, b, c, d, etc.) created using the same software application, assemble them into one file rather than sending several files. Remember that the more complex your artwork becomes, the greater the possibility for paper of my thesis, problems at output time. Avoid complicated textures and shadings, especially in vector illustration programs; this increases the chance for a poor-quality final product. Bitmap (raster) files the proper resolution should be used when submitting bitmap artwork. The minimum requirements for resolution are 600 dpi for line art, 1200 dpi for fine lines (line art with fine lines or shading), 300 dpi for halftones and english help colour , and 600 dpi for combinations (halftones with lettering outside the photo area).

All colour files submitted must be as CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black). These colours are used in full-colour commercial printing. RGB graphics (red, green, and blue; colours specifically used to produce an image on a monitor) will not print correctly. Vector files are image files produced using elements such as lines and shapes. Typically these files are used for line drawings. Bitmaps inside vector files Bitmaps can be imported into vector/draw applications only for the purpose of hausarbeit adding and overlaying information, lines, text, etc. Bitmaps should not be resized, cropped, rotated, or otherwise manipulated after importing.

The Journal allows authors to incorporate audio and video clips into their paper; these are published in the online version of the Journal, adding a dimension to the paper that cannot be achieved in the printed version. For submission guidelines and accepted formats, see the List of english help Accepted Graphic Files at harvard 2015, . As a general guide for biological terms, Scientific Style and Format: The CSE Manual for Authors, Editors, and Publishers (8th ed., 2014;, published by the Council of a level help Science Editors, is recommended. Spelling should follow Webster’s Third New International Dictionary or the 2013, Oxford English Dictionary . Authors are responsible for consistency in spelling. Nomenclature, abbreviations, and acronyms. Nomenclature and abbreviations should follow the rules recommended by the International Union of Biochemistry (IUB) Committee of coursework help Editors of Biochemical Journals with support of IUPAC. As a general guide for cover lab technician, biological terms, Scientific Style and Format: The CSE Manual for Authors, Editors, and Publishers (8th ed., 2014;, published by the Council of Science Editors, is recommended. For enzyme nomenclature, Enzyme Nomenclature (1992): Recommendations of the Nomenclature Committee of the International Union of Biochemistry and english help Molecular Biology (Academic Press, San Diego, Calif.) should be followed. SI units (Système international d’unités) should be used or SI equivalents should be given. Avoid ambiguous forms such as g C/m 2 /day; use g C·m –2 ·day –1 . This system is explained and other useful information is harvard essay prompt given in the Metric Practice Guide (2000) published by CSA International (178 Rexdale Blvd., Toronto, ON M9W 1R3, Canada). For practical reasons, some exceptions to SI units are allowed. Units such as kilocalorie, reciprocal centimetre (wave number), and atmosphere may be used for the foreseeable future.

The assumptions and (or) the model underlying any statistical analysis should be clearly stated. Symbols such as * and **, denoting levels of significance, should not be used except in conjunction with the actual values of the associated test statistic; actual p values are preferred. The Journal follows the coursework a level, names and harvard spelling for fishes recommended in coursework a level, Common and Scientific Names of Fishes from the United States, Canada, and Mexico (7th ed., Spec. America. Publ. No. 34, American Fisheries Society, 2004) and the gene nomenclature for protein-coding loci outlined in english coursework a level help, Shaklee et al. (Trans. For Chemical. Am.

Fish. English Coursework A Level. Soc. Ghostwriter Jura Hausarbeit Kosten. 119 : 2–15, 1990). In writing long numbers, the digits should be separated into groups of english coursework three, counted from the decimal marker to the left and right. The separator should be a space and not a comma, period, or any other mark, for example, 25 562 987 and not 25,562,987. In English text, the decimal marker should be a point, for an essay beauty, example, 0.1 mL and english coursework a level help not 0,1 mL. The decimal point in all numbers between 1 and –1, except 0, must be preceded by a 0. The sign × should be used to indicate multiplication, e.g., 3 × 10 6 and not 3·10 6 . How to comply with funding agencies’ open access requirements. Are you required by an essay beauty, your funding agency to make your research articles open access? Or do you wish to english coursework a level help make your articles freely available after publication? Please visit this page to review your options and for further information.

CSP established a partnership with TSpace, University of Toronto Libraries‘ free and secure research repository. Through this partnership we are able to provide, to interested authors, free automatic deposit of harvard prompt their accepted manuscript into the TSpace repository thus meeting the new Tri-agency OA requirements.Learn more here. Canadian Science Publishing (NRC Research Press) 65 Auriga Drive, Suite 203 Ottawa, ON K2E 7W6.